The world's most beautiful archipelago

The archipelago of Turku is said to be the most beautiful one in the whole world. The island group (40 000 islands!) between the Finnish mainland and Åland islands is the largest archipelago in the world. There are more islands and islets than people there! Groups (min. 8 persons) may stay overnight in Herrankukkaro (an archipelago holiday village in Rymättylä, Turku). It is possible to sleep in a luxurious bird-box (a sea view), in nature, in sauna or in many kind of cottages there.

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Archipelago Circle Trail / Archipelago Ring Road

See the world's most beautiful archipelago by car or by bike. The shorter route (about 100 kilometers): Naantali-Merimasku-Rymättylä-Nauvo-Korppoo-Houtskari-Iniö-Kustavi-Taivassalo-Velkua-Naantali. We recommend the longer route (about 250 kilometers): Turku-Kaarina-Parainen-Nauvo-Korppoo-Houtskari-Iniö-Kustavi-Taivassalo-Mietoinen-Lemu-Askainen-Naantali-Turku.

Services on the road or in the archipelago near the road:

From the world's most beautiful archipelago to the largest lake district in Europe:

Saimaa - the largest lake district in Europe: , , , , , , ,,,,

Water SkiZoo - water fun in the city of Imatra, on southern parts of Lake Saimaa and River Vuoksi, waterskiing, wakeboarding, bananaboat ride:

VIDEO: A day's kayaking on Lake Saimaa

The Kvarken Archipelago (the World Natural Heritage Site on the UNESCO World Heritage List):

Spa Hotel Kasnäs (Kasnäsin saaristokylpylä, Kasnäs Skärgårdsbad), Kasnäs:

(Photos: JariJK)

Spa Hotel Kasnäs:,

The Archipelago Sights Route cruise Kasnäs - Rosala Viking Centre - Bengtskär Lighthouse - Kasnäs:

SPECIAL - Rent an own island:

Ollinkarit (in Kotka):

Remember also C-Adventure (charter sailings from the city of Kotka):