The Finnish Sauna

A special ice sauna made of ice cubes (Imatra Spa). See also the ice sauna of Ruka.

The real sauna can only be experienced in Finland, its country of origin. There are about three million saunas (and only five million inhabitants) in Finland. "Sauna" is the only Finnish word which has spread into most foreign languages including English and German.

A Finnish sauna is totally different from the various sweat rooms found all over the world. A real sauna is a very hot (about 70-100 degrees Celsius, 160-210 degrees Fahrenheit) room in which you throw water on hot stones. Then you sit on the benches without any clothes and enjoy the purifying feeling. Males and females don't usually have a sauna together in Finland (except a wife and a husband).

For Finns the summer cottage with its sauna is the best place in the whole world. However, almost every family has an own sauna in a town, too. Nowadays even many people living in multistorey houses have own saunas. Houses have at least one sauna for the use of their inhabitants. See online videos and films about Finnish sauna.

Most hotels have a sauna, sometimes also for use of non-hotel guests. We especially recommend spa hotels. Most of them have large indoor swimming pool departments, massaging showers, waterslides, saunas, steam rooms, outdoor pools and special pools for children. Usually all these activities are included in the room price which isn't higher than in other hotels. Other activities and health spa treatments are optional.

Why Finland loves saunas (BBC):

SkySauna Helsinki:

Löyly Helsinki Saunas:

The Serena Indoor Aqua Park (20 kilometers from the centre of Helsinki) has very good saunas, too. We highly recommend them to you. See

Private saunas in restaurants in Helsinki (rentable for small groups):

There are saunas for rent in Saunasaari (Sauna Island) almost in the hearth of Helsinki. Rentable saunas are for 4-40 persons. There are also sauna trips for single persons.

Public saunas in Helsinki:

Rentable saunas in Helsinki (and other cities in Finland, see the list on the left):

Arla Sauna in Helsinki (address Kaarlenkatu 15) has public saunas (separate saunas for women and men, admission 12 euros):

Sauna Hermanni in Helsinki (address Hämeentie 63) has public saunas (separate for women and men, admission 10 euros):

Kulttuurisauna (Culture Sauna) in Helsinki (address Hakaniemenranta 17, Hakaniemi, open usually from Wednesday to Sunday at 4 pm - 8 pm, separate saunas for men and women, admission fee 15 euros): and

The Finnish Sauna Society (Vaskiniemi in Lauttasaari, Helsinki) has two wood-heated saunas, two special smoke saunas and also an electric city sauna. Saunas are open for Helsinki Card holders. Prebooking is obligatory.):

Finnish Lakeside Sauna Experience in Nuuksio (Noux) National Park (Helsinki region):

Kuusijärvi (electric saunas and smoke saunas in Vantaa, near the city of Helsinki, beautiful surroundings, a sandy beach):

International Smoke Sauna Club:

Visit Sauna - Feel the Spirit of Finnish Sauna:

Flamingo Spa Resort with many different saunas (location: Vantaa, near the city of Helsinki) - the water park's trump cards are the Nordic countries' largest and fastest water slides, which launch riders from the summit of the Mayan temple, other impressive water features are the Wild River, surging geysers, a streampool, diving pool and pool for watersports, a very good pool with small slides also for babies and small kids, special: the Spa and Wellness department (only for adults, age limit 20 years) with its ancient Mesopotamian milieu is comprised of six themed saunas (two different steambaths, Finnish sauna, Biosauna, Stone sauna, Spruce Wood sauna; these saunas are mixed for women and men; swimming suits or towels are used in saunas), heated soaking and saltwater pools (mineral water pool) and indulgent treatments, all in a mystical atmosphere with a concept developed by world-famous Paul Haslauer:,,

Kotiharju Sauna in Helsinki and Rajaportti Sauna in Tampere - the oldest public saunas in Finland: and and and

Floating sauna not far from Helsinki:

Saunas in Turku:

-Forum Sauna (public sauna bathing usually on Fridays, separate saunas for women and men):

-Nummi Sauna (rentable saunas):

Saunas in Tampere:

-Rauhaniemi Beach and public saunas:

-Rajaportti Sauna: and

-Kaupinoja Sauna (Also ice swimming in the winter!):

Seeking the real Finnish sauna:

Experiencing the Finnish sauna:

Cosy Finland - cosy home meals in Finnish homes, visits to cottages & saunas:

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Arctic sauna adventures in Levi, Lapland:

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Enjoying a Finnish sauna:

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The Finnish sauna and the traditions:

Home sauna room tips:

Home sauna tips:

Herrankukkaro (special saunas: original smoke sauna, land smoke sauna, village sauna, malt sauna - recommended for groups):

How to have a blissful Finnish sauna experience:

Ice sauna (Ruka): and

Join the Finns in the sauna:

Jätkänkämppä - the biggest smoke sauna in the world (Kuopio): and

Kontiki Finland - Guide to the Finnish sauna:

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Lehmonkärki Sauna World (Asikkala, Lake Päijänne):

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Myllysaari Beach Sauna in Lappeenranta:

Mäntykallio Villa & Sauna Aalto (in Mänttä):

North American Sauna Society:

Peurunka Wellnes Tourist Center (saunas, a spa, accommodation, activities):

Pure inside out:

Rantasalmi Holiday:

Rauhaniemi Beach and public saunas in Tampere:

Rentable Viking Sauna in Humppila:

Rock Planetarium in Jyväskylä (the world's only planetarium in the primary rock, also saunas for rent):

Rukan Salonki Sauna Experience in Ruka:

Ruka Safaris (sauna programmes):

Santalahti Cave Sauna World (an underground smoke sauna in Kotka):

SaunaFlow Blog:

Saunas in Puumala, Eastern Finland:

Sauna sounds by Michael Fletcher:

Serena Indoor Aqua Park (the biggest indoor water park in Europe):

Spa holidays with sauna bathing:

Special saunas (smoke sauna, ice sauna, sauna bus, forest spa etc.) in Ruka (Kuusamo):

Sweat bathing:

Tampere Sauna Society:

The Finnish sauna and the traditions:

The Washington Post (Finland Diary: sauna):

The Worldwide Traveler:

Tupaswilla (the world's largest smoke sauna for 150 people, the unique peat bath smoke sauna in Laukaa):

Uimola Smoke Sauna (public smoke sauna, traditional Finnish saunas for rent, in Rautjärvi, 30 minutes from the city of Imatra, Eastern Finland):

Universitas Helsingiensis (sauna facts):

Virtual Finland (Bare facts of the sauna):

Visit Finland (Join the Finns in the sauna):

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Waterfront saunas for rent in Espoo (near the city of Helsinki):

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World of Wanderlust - Once in a Lifetime - The Full Finnish Sauna Experience:

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