Nature in Northern Europe
Bear watching excursions and nature photographing (also guided safaris)

Sulo the Bearman



Wild Brown Bear:

Wildlife Safaris Finland (Artic Media Lassi Rautiainen):

Visit Finland - Encounter with a bear:
Other nature activities in Finland
Adventure in Finnish national scenery (Punkaharju, near the city of Savonlinna, remember to visit ridge/esker area, Forest Museum Lusto with a very nice "The Room of Silence" audiovisual nature show, Retretti Art Centre in the Finnish primary rock and Aqvatar glass-bottom boat): ,
Aikhituvat Hakoapaja - Snag Village (buildings made of old logs which are found from the bottom of a lake, also a very nice sightseeing cafeteria, cottages for rent, in Rantasalmi):
Arctic SnowHotel (also a snow chapel for weddings and a snow sauna, in Sinettä, Rovaniemi):
Arola Farm & Wilderness Holidays (bear safaris, fishing, dog sleigh rides etc. in Hossa/Suomussalmi):
Ballooning (hot-air balloon flights over a peaceful countryside) and
ECEAT Finland (Finnish Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism, ecological farms for accommodation etc.):

Ecotourism in Kainuu:
Erä-Eero (guided nature tours near Lieksa, Eastern Finland):

Erämatkailu Piirainen - Wilds Piira (rapids swimming or riverfloating, wildlife watching and canoeing in Kuhmo, near the city of Kajaani):
Erämatkat (Welcome to Usmi's wilderness, Lapland in miniature, in Hyvinkää, Southern Finland):
Eräpaimen (wild animal watch, fishing, elk & bear hunting):
Excursion & Program Service "The Gnome's Mug and Paddle":

Feel The Nature Treks (Helsinki & Lapland):
Finnish Lakes and Forest by TourExpert (a taste of Finnish lake and forest landscape in Nuuksio/Noux National Park, short walk along forest paths, guidance in English, departure point Esplanade Park of Helsinki, 4 hours):
Finnish Museum of Natural History (Helsinki):

Green Hearts - Park Walks in Helsinki:

Hawkhill Nature - Cottages and hiking by the beautiful Nuuksio National Park (Espoo, a 45 minute drive from Helsinki):

Hirvikartano - Have you ever kissed a moose?
Hotel Nuuksio (formerly Hotel Siikaranta, Nuuksio national park, Espoo): and
Kaikuva (outdoor activities in the capital region of Finland):

Kaunis Karjala Fishing & Hunting Trips:
Kimito Islands (Archipelago National Park, ancient graves, limestone quarry, Bengtskär Lighthouse etc.):

Korkeakoski Rapids, Maaninka (Photo: JariJK) 

Korkeakoski (Finland's highest rapids in Maaninka, near the cities of Siilinjärvi and Kuopio):
Koskentila (the Nykälä Rapids and the Koskentila Estate, fishing etc.):

Koskikellujat (riverfloating, floating on ice, a sauna boat and Segways in Lempäälä, near the city of Tampere):
Kvarken Archipelago (the World Natural Heritage Site on the UNESCO World Heritage List): and

Lempäälä (hiking, fishing & canoeing):
Lieksan Matkakaverit (river rafting, swimming in the Ruunaa rapids and other activities in Lieksa, Eastern Finland):
Liminka Bay Nature Centre & Hailuoto birdwatching:
Maretarium Aquarium (in Kotka, almost all Finnish fish species):
Martinselkonen Wilds Centre (a possibility for photographing bears and other wild animals, hunting, fishing, hiking etc.):
Metsäkartano Original Adventure:
Mustila Arboretum (Elimäki):
National Parks:
Nauvo (enjoy the archipelago): and

Nellim Wilderness Hotel with Aurora Bubble & Sarmi Aurora Lodge (an adventure based ecotourism company in Northern Lapland, in new Aurora Bubbles you can fall asleep looking up at the star-lit sky from your cozy bed):
Norppa Team (Kolovesi National Park region):
North Karelia - the hiker's paradise:
Northern Countryside:
Orinoro Gorge - one of the Seven Savonian Marvels, an exciting hiking and outing destination for the whole family on the Soisalo island in Mustinmäki, walk the marked nature path into a deep gorge carved out by the last Ice Age, the Orinoro Gorge is 100 meters long and nearby 20 meters deep (Leppävirta):
Pahkaparatiisi - The Gnarl Paradise - Knorrenparadis (the collection of gnarled wood, over 4000 gnarls in Huittinen):, (the panorama), (the photo gallery) 
Jalasjärvi giant's cauldron named Pirunpesä, Devil's Nest (Photo: JariJK) 
Pursiala giant's cauldron (Photo: JariJK) 
Pursiala giant's cauldron in the city of Mikkeli (the cauldron was formed about 9000 years ago, it is 8 meters deep and the 4th biggest cauldron in Finland):  

Rent a hut in a Finnish national park:

Repovesi National Park, Kouvola (Photo: JariJK) 

Repovesikeskus - Repovesi National Park tours, activities and accommodation (online booking):
Repovesi National Park in Kouvola (panorama photos): (outdoor and nature activities in Northern Finland):
River Kiiminkijoki (fishing, canoeing):

Rock And Lake Accommodation & Activities (in the Finnnish Lakeland, north of Mikkeli):
Rock Planetarium in Jyväskylä (the world's only planetarium in a primary rock, also saunas for rent):
Ruunaa Rapids (7 rapids on the way of 16 kilometers) and hiking area in Lieksa, Eastern Finland (many different rapid activities, also wedding ceremonies):,,

Feel the Finnish Lakeland

Seal Trail (one of the best and longest canoeing routes in Finland, 541 kilometers Heinävesi - Enonkoski - Savonranta - Kerimäki in Eastern Finland, also two rapids, the Seal Trail is named according to the Saimaa seal, the most rare seal in the world):
See Finland (guaranteed nature trips from Helsinki in small groups with expert guides):
Silentia Finland - Silence of nature:
The Midnight Sun Ashtanga Yoga Retreat (Kadermo Island, Hanko):
The Monastery Hike (Luostarivaellus in Finnish, the hiking route between the orthodox monasteries of Valamo and Lintula in Heinävesi, Eastern Finland, 25 kilometers, in the future they will build a pilgrim hiking route of 150-300 kilometers along old pilgrim routes Imatra-Punkaharju-Enonkoski-Valamo-Joensuu - an alternative to Pilgrim Hiking in Santiago de Compostela): (choose Hiking trails > Monastery Hike/Luostarivaellus, Tuusniemi)
Trail maps of North Savo (Pohjois-Savo, Eastern Finland):
Upitrek (a company specialized in unmotorised treks and other nature based program services in Eastern Finland):
Vuonis villages in Lieksa:
Wild Brown Bear Nature Adventures:
Wild North Wilderness Cabins:
Wild Taiga: mammal watching (wild brown bears, wolverines, deer, lynx etc.), bird watching, photo tours, fishing, hunting, hiking, cycling: