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The Lonely Planet Blue List writes that Finland is among ”the Top Ten Nations in the World to Visit in 2007”: ”Cool zone of design in Helsinki, surrounded by remote wilderness areas – Finland is a breath of fresh air on a European adventure”. The Kemi SnowCastle, the Mammut Snow Hotel", in Northern Finland is listed as ”the Most Eccentric Place to Stay in the World”. Besides, Aurora Borealis, the northern lights, were described as ”the World's Most Amazing Natural Phenomenon”.

56 reasons you should move to Finland imediately:

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Helsinki Airport - the straightest way between Europe (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Billund, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Gdansk, Geneva, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Kiev, Krakow, Lisbon, Ljubljana, London, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Nuremberg, Oslo, Paris, Pisa, Prague, Riga, Rome, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Tallinn, Venice, Vienna, Vilnius, Warsaw, Zurich) and Asia (Bangkok, Beijing, Delhi, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Nagoya, Osaka, Shanghai, Tokyo), compare flight times and travel lengths or book flights:

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Pahkaparatiisi - The Gnarl Paradise - Knorrenparadis (the collection of gnarled wood, over 4000 gnarls in Huittinen):, (the panorama), (the photo gallery)

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