Worked all Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania SPRINT

29 April 2023 00:00 - 23:59z

Previously: Apr 2022 - Feb 2020, Mar 2019, Mar 2018, Apr 2017
Jul 2016, Jan 2015, May 2014

This is a focused Full Day of Hell sprint.

Work everyone, your mults this sprint are the DX Countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania.

Suggested Frequencies


* The following information should be helpful in determining the continental area of a station located adjacent to a continental boundary:

  • North America includes Greenland (OX) and Panama (HP).

  • South America includes Trinidad & Tobago (9Y), Aruba (P4), Curacao & Bonaire (PJ2-4) and Easter Island (CE0).

  • Oceania includes Minami Torishima (JD1), Philippines (DU), Eastern Malaysia (9M6-8) and Indonesia (YB).

  • Because Antarctica is such a difficult entity for Hellschreiber contacts, it has been included as part of Oceania for this sprint.

  • Asia includes Ogasawara Islands (JD1), Maldives (8Q), Socotra Island (7O), Abu Ail Island (J2/A), Cyprus (5B, ZC4), Eastern Turkey (TA2-9) and Georgia (4L).

  • Europe includes the fourth and sixth call areas of Russia (R1-6), Istanbul (TA1), all Italian islands (I) and Azores (CU).

  • Africa includes Ceuta & Melilla (EA9), Madeira (CT3), Gan Island (8Q), French Austral Territory (FT) and Heard Island (VK0).

[Above information is taken off the IARU web site at: http://www.iaru.org/worked-all-continents-award.html