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Happy Birthday Rudolf Sprint

Happy Birthday Rudolf Sprint
19 Dec 2020 : 0000 - 2359z
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Join us as we wrap up the year with our annual event for the club: a 24-hour feast of Hell as we celebrate the December birthday of Rudolf Hell, the inventor of Hellschreiber.

GOAL: Attain the highest score using non-WARC bands.
CLASSES: NA QRP, DX QRP, NA QRO, DX QRO (100 Watt limit for Sprints)
MULTS: QTH =  State / Province / Country

50 points for your first contact with Rudolph (member or non-member). Santa's reindeer does not count!

Please state your name in your exchange if it is indeed Rudolph (or some form thereof)..

3 qso points for each member QSO plus
1 qso point for a non-member QSO plus
2 extra qso points for each qrp contact.
You get QSO points for contacts with the same station on a different band.
Total score = (QSO Points X Multiplier) + Bonus Points
Suggested Frequencies