Sprint FAQ

Here's a quick FAQ on our sprint contests:
  • Any licensed ham can participate
  • SWLers are encouraged to join in the fun (we've even created a special award just for them)
  • The times and duration of each Sprint can vary, so check for updated rules on this web site and our Yahoo Reflector
  • Scores to be submitted within 4 days of the contest using the online form.
    • Please see specific sprint page for special exchange requirements.
  • Points are usually awarded as follows, although there may be different rules for certain months
    • 3 QSO points are usually awarded for a QSO with any FHC member, 1 QSO point for non-member contact.
      2 additional QSO points are awarded with contact with a QRP station.
    • You get one multiplier for any contact in a state, province, or DXCC country. If you work that station on multiple bands, you still get the credit for a new QSO, but you don't get another multiplier.  (Example: If I work new member Phil AI4OF (FH1004) in FL on 20, 40, and 80 meters (as I did in the Flash Sprint) I get credit for 3 member QSOs, and 1 multiplier.)
    • Bonus points are awarded for meritorious results.  Again, check the Contest Page and the Yahoo Reflector for details each month.
  • 160 - 10 meters, no WARC bands.
  • 100 watts limit
  • The club callsign, WW1FHC, may be awarded for use to the U.S. club member with the top score in the most recent Sprint. 
    (We are exploring a way to get non-U.S. stations use of the callsign, or of creating special callsigns for Canada, England, and other countries in the future).
    • So that as many members can get the opportunity to use WW1FHC, no member may use the callsign more than once every three months.
    • This rule goes into effect with the January Sprint.  Watch this web site and the Yahoo Reflector for more information.
    • Contacts made as WW1FHC do not count towards any Awards for your own callsign.  (You are allowed, of course, to switch to your own callsign during the QSO to record the contact for yourself, if you wish.)
  • And, oh yes, only real ham radio contacts are allowed (no Hamsphere, Echolink, or other Internet contacts - RF must be involved!)