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Field Day Sprint

"Field Day" SPRINT
15 Jun 2019  18:00 - 19:59z
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June 2014
June 2013
June 2012

We'll have one winner in each of the five classes
(Mobile, Portable, Emergency Power, 
Commercial Power, SWL)

GOAL: Attain the highest score using non-WARC bands in the period shown (2 hours total).
CLASSES:Mobile (uses mobile antennas - capable of use while in motion),
Portable (fixed temporary antennas - not capable of operating while in motion),
Home operating on Emergency Power,
Home operating on Commercial Power,
 (100 Watt limit for Sprints)
EXCHANGE: RST, FH #, QTH, GRID, EMG PWR (if applicable)
MULTS:US States / Canadian Provinces / DX Countries

100 points available for making / copying a contact or calling CQ on 6 meters.

25 points for a qso with our club station WW1FHC.

10 points for each qso with an emergency powered station.

3 qso points for each member QSO plus
1 qso point for a non-member QSO plus
2 extra qso points for each qrp contact.
You get QSO points for contacts with the same station on a different band.
Total score = (QSO Points X Multipliers) + Bonus Points
To submit your score, follow the link from the main page of the site.
The link will be active for four days after the sprint.
Suggested Frequencies: 1,843-44, 3,574, 7,080-86, 14,063-68, 14,072-3, 21,073-75, 28,073-75, 50,286