General Sprint Rules

ELIGIBILITY: Anyone may submit scores, but only members' entries are eligible for awards.
                         Membership is free and easy to obtain - get yours here.

All modes of Hell are allowed
BANDS: All non-WARC bands are allowed

POWER/REGION CLASS: QRO and QRP winners will be announced in each power category,
in both NA and DX.  There may be other classes on an individual sprint basis.
There is a power limit of 100 watts for contest operationThank you for adhering to this rule.
Operators who submit as QRP stations must have worked ONLY QRP for the ENTIRE contest.
QRP Limit is 5 Watts.
When calling, QRP operators should use CALLSIGN/QRP or CALLSIGN QRP to identify their station class.


3 for a each member QSO, 1 for a non-member QSO. 
                           You get points for a QSO with the same ham on a different band.   
                           2 point bonus for QSOs with a QRP station! 
The 2 point bonus is in addition to the member or non-member points, 
                           so yes, it is possible to get 5 points for a QSO, if it is with a member running QRP.

With this scoring system, non-QRP stations have an incentive to make QSOs with QRP stations,
and since QRP will only compete against other QRP, their scores should track in the same range
MULTIPLIERS: 1 for each U.S. State, Canadian Province or Territory, or DXCC country you contacted during the sprint.
(You do NOT get additional multiplier points for a QSO with the same State, Province, or Country on different bands.
A multiplier is the count of unique S / P / C that you have contacted during the sprint
Occasionally, we have different multipliers depending on the sprint. Please see that month's Sprint rules for details.

BONUS POINTS: See details for that month's Sprint.

SCORING: We use the following formula, modified for certain sprints:

[(# of first member QSOs on each band * 3) + (# QRP contacts * 2) + (
# of first non-member QSOs on each band)] * Multiplier) + Bonus Points

LOG SUBMISSION The Feld Hell Club now uses an online Sprint score submission form that now allows you to copy and paste a text log file.
Please try to edit your log to the essential fields only. (cabrillo files are great - one line per qso). We need call, band or freq, time, and exchanges.
The link will be available for submissions until the Wednesday following each sprint - (4 day submission period).
The Sprint Committee hopes to then post the final results prior to the end of the week following the sprint..
---73 FHC Contest Manager---