We are looking for an award administrator, as David VE3VID can not continue in the role due to work commitments.  As soon as I receive the award applications from David, I will try and complete those in process. Also, if anyone is interested in the position, please contact me.
I will also post a message on our groups.io message board.  73 Paul, VA3PC

Welcome to the Feld Hell Club website. 

Our club is dedicated to Hellschreiber, or Hell, a unique, HF digital mode for sending and receiving text using facsimile technology in which the characters are not decoded, but "painted" or printed on a screen for the operator to interpret.

While this digital mode is hardly new technology, a constantly increasing group of amateur radio operators are bringing this mode back to life using computers and sound cards. Although slower than PSK or RTTY, this makes it perfect for a more relaxed QSO and you'll find the Hams using this mode much more interested in friendly conversation and not the macro driven QSOs of other modes. We welcome you to give it a try and spend some time rag-chewing with us. 


Here on the Feld Hell Club website you can: