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Linux pSeudo MIDI input : support using certain homemade, repurposed, or commercial devices as MIDI controllers
Open Octave MIDI : a project based on Rosegarden.
Osqoop : An oscilloscoop for jack.
MiniComputer : a softsynth for IDM, industrial sounds.
NON-DAW : Sequencer - mixer for Jack
SoftWerk : Software emulation of hardware MIDI sequencer
NetJack2 : HowTo NetJack2
Neil : Sequencer for linux
Kokkini Zita - Linux Audio

The following needs more editing ...
quoted from LM forum:
Mixxx qjackctl, rakarrack, guitarix, tapiir_jack, jack-rack, ams, phasex, zynaddsubfx, puredata, jost, livemix, sooperlooper, freewheeling, jamin, ninjam, gnu/linux,kernel rt patch, jackd+qjackctl, ardour, audacity, jamin, ninjam, ladspa/lv2, hydrogen, linuxsampler, rosegarden, qsynth, phasex, amsynth, jack-rack, zynaddsubfx, freewheeling, rackarrack, tuxguitar,

The Sampler does not need any wired proprietary file format and works perfectly stable, the only drawback is, that Specimen cannot make individual Jackports for patches - it can run in several instances though...

Alsa Modular Synth
Stable, powerful, very good sounding own modules and LADSPA-Support. You can bind any parameter of an AMS-patch to a MIDI-Controller and you can easily make a customized view of parameters, that can store presets also.

And if finally the QT-Port will be available, Rezound will have a great future also...


- ZynAddSubFX
- Ardour
- Audacity
- Hydrogen
- amSynth
- Qtractor

At the desperately humble Parchment Studios, i'm using:

Linuxsampler (the mighty sound engine that drives my little setup. Lsampler just keeps getting better and better)

Rosegarden (For fast midi drafting, at which RG excels. The new free positioning of segments when recording gave me an real jump in speed of input and workflow. Great app.)

Denemo (working with this app to get used to its features, and the resurgence in activity.As Nils succinctly pointed out to me recently, the Keystroke/midi cc/mouse combination workflow and control options really add something, and give us a real opportunity to input at speed, efficiently. More practice needed here, with this app, but the future looks bright. )

Jconv (Does a great job of giving me a viable positioning environment. Currently experimenting with Ambisonic IR's, to further develop a more realistic Thanks Fons, for the help, and your patience.)

Ardour (A stalwart of reliability, and the recording hub. Looking forward to V3.0.)

Jack (for running large orchestral templates with lots of ports, etc, Jack does a great job. Couldn't function nearly as well without it. Parchment Studios operates with Jack at its heart.)

Musescore (Big fan of this app, and i use it for quick drafting notation, in a short score format. I'd like to see this app go full Jackmidi and dump the RTC requirement, but it's still a powerful performer without it.)

Patchage (Since the advent of lpatchage, and combined with the tremendous work done by the LASH devs, patchage is my patchbay of choice.)

Ingen (A great idea, that works well here. Multi layered plugin and cabling windows present many options for setting up both simple and complex cabling and porting requirements. Looking forward to the day when Patchage and Ingen merge, with a main page, and multi pages underneath, feeding into the main.... 8) )

Aeolus (An excellent Organ synthesiser, that works well, and provides a realistic instrument playback when composing. This app puts commercial attempts at the same instrument synthesis to shame.)

all on 64bit, and 32bit boots.
Ardour + LADSPA + LV2 plugins
Csound & friends (AVSynthesis, Cecilia, blue, AlgoScore, others)
DOSemu (because I run Voyetra's ancient Sequencer Plus Gold in it better than it ever ran under DOS)
JACK w. QJackCtl front-end
Common Music/GRACE

If I were forced to choose two programs I'd select Csound and Common Music. Not much I can't do with those two environments.
(Studio Dave)
The apps I can't go without:
- Qtractor for recording audio and Midi
- LMMS for creating beats and Midi stuff
- Smasher for some serious beatslicing
- ZynAddSubFX to relax, it's the best way to kill your time
- Calf Organ and Monosynth for icing the cake
- MilkyTracker for my old FT2 projects
- Audacity to edit samples
- QjackCtl to keep Jack from misbehaving
- Rackarrak to immerse myself in reverberation
- Virtual keyboard if I don't have a real keyboard lying around
- Hydrogen if I don't have a real drummer lying around
- Audacious to play back my creations
And some more:
- Aqualung, because Audacious is nice but just so buggy
- Qsynth for playing around with SoundFonts
- LinuxSampler + Fantasia when you're done playing with SoundFonts and want to play with some other stuff like gig files

-Zynaddsubfx (Actually using yoshimi for the time being, since it's more stable.)

-Distro: AV linux 2. Tried AV linux 3, but it didn't like my AMD video card.

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 renoise , vst with dssi-vst