Welcome to yet another website detailing one of my fanfiction verses. As always, it's mostly for myself as a reference, but if anyone is actually interested, great!

This verse is, as the title indicates, something that noses in where the Red Sky episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 begin. Or more precisely, it starts in place of the season 7 finale, but that wasn't a conscious decision. I didn't remember that the Technodrome got sent back to Dimension X without anybody aboard to finish off season 7, and it features in my "pilot", so I'm afraid I inadvertently wrote a new season 7 finale. I wasn't deliberately trying to replace it, nor am I really trying to replace the Red Sky episodes. However, I don't care for them and I don't like to imagine the series continuing with them. To me, they're a different show altogether. I feel the magic of the 1987 series is in its utter fun and nonsense and its ability to make people happy, and I wanted to recapture what made me fall in love with the series over Summer 2016 in some of my oneshot "episodes". My multi-chapter "pilot" and some of the other oneshot "episodes", however, have a more season 7 feel, as they address darker themes. Oddly though, some of those themes were introduced during the lighter seasons of the series.

The main subject of my season 8 is Baxter Stockman, as 1987 fans have likely already guessed. I find him both fascinating and sympathetic in the 1987 incarnation, and I wanted to see him be able to become human again, as he also so wanted. Also, as he was the only Baxter who actually started out wanting to be honest in season 1 and later cracked up in season 2 from a combination of being falsely accused of sending his Mousers out to damage the city, thrown in the insane asylum for presumably talking about the Turtles, and subjected to cruelty from Shredder in both seasons 1 and 2 and unfair treatment by the just-starting Ninja Turtle crime-fighters in season 1, I felt he really deserved another chance to have a better life.

I try to give the character a thorough examination and address all that he has canonically done. I also explore his twin brother Barney from season 4, episode Raphael Knocks 'Em Dead. By the end of the "pilot", I have things set up in a way that opens the door for a "season's" worth or more of episodic adventures. On this website, I will describe the unfolding of the writing of the "pilot" and list the possible ideas in the works for the "season".

Any screenshots on this website were captured from the official DVDs I own and are only here for fair use reasons. Any fanart has been drawn by me, and of course, the stories have been written by me.