Regicide! A 7DRL.

Download Latest: v1.4

For many years an evil king has ruled over your people without an ounce of decency. Those that dared question were hauled away in the mid of night, never to be seen again. Or worse, some are slaughtered in broad daylight as sacrifices to the demon Bale, as was your family's fate.

At last the people have had enough. Using whatever means at their disposal, the monarchy is toppled, it's army routed. The king, coward that he is, has fled into the dungeon below the Imperial Castle.

YOU are in hot pursuit of him and you are determined to claim what little justice there is in this world for your dead mother.

- About -

Regicide! is a roguelike game created for the 2011 7DRL challenge. After seven days of work v1.02 was released.

- Controls (Updated for v1.4) -

Use arrow keys, numpad, or vi keys to move/attack.

Press '.' (period) or numpad 5 to wait for a turn.

Press 'x' to look around.

Press 'c' to bribe/convert an enemy.

Press 'r' to read a scroll (scrolls look like '~').

Press 'd' to drink a potion (potions look like '!').

Press 'g' to get armor ']' or weapons '(' off ground.

Press '>' to use stairs (which also look like '>').

Press '?' to get a list of commands.

Press ALT+ENTER to go fullscreen.

Press Escape or close the window to save and exit.

The game will autoload the last session when run.

- Changes -

v1.02: FINAL 7DRL version. Time is up! Roommate playtested the game. Made changes based on watching him play. More messaging, especially for target abilities. Some enemies stronger. Slowed down regen. King is stronger. You can use look to view a mob's hp.

v1.01: added some additional help text, version on title screen, less HP at the beginning, rockworms spit acid now

- Out of Challenge changes -

These are changes after the seven day challenge ended.

v1.04: Changed controls around, be sure to read the help, and press '?' for a list of commands while in game. Toughened up revolutionaries as they descend dungeon levels with you.

v1.03: Based on several friends feedback, made changes to improve revolutionaries to make them more helpful and other things.