7DRL 2015

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Game Jolt



Created for the 2015 7drl challenge.

Some developers like to plan everything out and then start making their game. I tend not to do that, and this game is the result of having 7 full days off work to iterate on a single project. I started with an empty Unity 5 project and built every system from scratch. Testing along the way informed the design. Early on I implemented a versatile player controller that could control any monster in the dungeon. This eventually turned into a RL hunger clock twist that requires the player to possess another mob in the dungeon after their current host runs out of energy. Possessing a new mob means taking their attack type, of which each mob has only one.

The game turned out quite difficult to understand for most players. This is a direct result of my unwillingness to add to many HUD elements. I was aiming to make the game "mobile" friendly, thus the only inputs I wanted to implement were click and drag. In hindsight, tool-tips for objects in the current view on mouse hover should have been implemented. Another aspect that needed work was transparency in the combat system. I went the route of no combat log. This was a mistake. Even if the default is to not show it, make sure to implement a combat log. It even helps in your own sanity while debugging.