The B Team

A JRPG Battler in which the usual attack type tropes are less useful than the unconventional attack types.



Fighter - his sword arm is broken, so only his shield is really useful.

Cleric - she's fallen from grace, and her healing spells are very fickle.

Rogue - her dagger has been cursed, and will heal enemies instead. She can still steal though...

Wizard - he's completely out of mana, so he'll have to channel the parties HP instead. His Scan ability is free though.

Talking to your enemy during battle can be useful!

If you get stuck, try fleeing the battle.

Make sure to read the README.TXT for additional info and controls!

If you are really having problems, peep the SPOILERS.TXT for a walkthrough.


Code - Edwin DeNicholas @edenicholas

Art - Patrick Webster @tapretsbew

Audio Attribution:

Film projector sound adapted from

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