Ludum Dare

The Ludum Dare is a game development challenge/competition. The goal is to make a game based on a theme in just one weekend. Visit the Ludum Dare site for more info. Below are my entries into this prestigious event.

Ludum Dare 22

Warmup Challenge - "So Many Friends!"

Theme was "Friendship". This game is loosely about balancing your time between keeping close friends and also making new friends. It was made in less than 48 hours as a warmup to the official Ludum Dare 22 compo.

Ludum Dare 48 hour solo entry - "Alone In The Universe"

The theme for this compo was "Alone". I made a game... more of a toy really, that places you in a distant solar system with no way of return or contact with home. This entry turned out more pretty than fun, and less complete than my warmup game!

Mini Ludum Dare 31 - Fear/Atmosphere

"Dead Night Forest"

Theme was "Fear" or "Atmosphere". I tried to do a little bit of both in this first person shooter set in a forest in the dead of night.

Mini Ludum Dare 32 - Quantity vs. Quality

"So Many Games (or not)"

A collection of very short and simple games.

Ludum Dare 23 - Tiny World

"Good Cell, Bad Cell"

Identify and Eliminate the bad cells.

Mini Ludum Dare 34 - Aspect

"Round Table Tennis"

It is table tennis on a round table.

Ludum Dare 24 - Evolution

"Block Shoot"

Face off against ever evolving blocks in this shooter.

Ludum Dare 25 - You are the Villain

"Final Days of the Victor"

A story game about villainy, fortresses, and the end of the world.

Ludum Dare 26 - Minimalism


Musical non-violent first person running game.

Ludum Dare 27 - 10 Seconds

"Tower Of Wizard"

Point and click with a twist.