Ludum Dare

The Ludum Dare is a game development challenge/competition. The goal is to make a game based on a theme in just one weekend. Visit the Ludum Dare site for more info. Below are my entries into this prestigious event.

"The B Team" - Ludum Dare 32 - Unconventional Weapon

A twist on JRPG battle system mechanics and tropes.

"We are All Connected, Musically" - Ludum Dare 30 - Connected Worlds

An experimental music box.

"Tower Of Wizard" - Ludum Dare 27 - 10 Seconds

Point and click with a twist.

"MiniFPX" - Ludum Dare 26 - Minimalism

Musical non-violent first person running game.

"Final Days of the Victor" - Ludum Dare 25 - You are the Villain

A story game about villainy, fortresses, and the end of the world.

"Block Shoot" - Ludum Dare 24 - Evolution

Face off against evolving waves of blocks in this shooter.

"Round Table Tennis" - Mini Ludum Dare 34 - Aspect

It is table tennis on a round table.

"Good Cell, Bad Cell" - Ludum Dare 23 - Tiny World

Identify and Eliminate the bad cells.

"Dead Night Forest" - Mini Ludum Dare 31 - Fear/Atmosphere

I tried to do a little bit of both in this first person shooter set in a forest in the dead of night.

"So Many Games (or not)" - Mini Ludum Dare 32 - Quantity vs. Quality

A collection of very short and simple games.

"Alone In The Universe" - Ludum Dare 22 - Alone

Places you in a distant solar system with no way of return or contact with home.

"So Many Friends!" - Ludum Dare 22 Warmup Challenge - Friendship

This game is loosely about balancing your time between keeping close friends and also making new friends.