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Truth from an older mother

I am a 71-year-old mother and I have suffered deepest sadness and seen a big part of my life gone because the relationship with my daughter and my grand daughter. 

I love and help my daughter, a middle-aged mother of three children, so much and I raised my oldest grand daughter for years but what I was given by my daughter in return and her husband is physical assault, mental threats, and financial abuse (living for free, child care for free, utility for free, property taxes for free, ...).  What I meant physical assault was that my daughter tended to have many arguments with me due to her stressful life from her career frustration, no job, no income, 3 young children, her husband's marijuana smoking, constant marital conflicts. 

I and my 72-year-old husband were taken for granted by my own daughter and my son-in-law until we can no longer take care of ourselves and fear for our safety and lives.  We are paying for their house, cars, car insurances, gifts for the children, furniture for the children, and they refused to pay for $23 utility fee.  My son-in-law was working 4 days a week and now he only works 2 days a week.  He plans to go to Seattle for a concert and joins his single friends there to have wild parties.  My 72-year-old husband had gone through 3 heart surgeries and still works 35 hours at Fred Meyer.  My son-in-law, a young man, a husband and a father, only works 2 days a week and smokes weed everyday.  When I tried to encourage him to find a second job or pay for their fair share, he and my daughter threatened to take my grand daughter away from me and deprive me of my grand daughter's visit.   

I could not sleep last night and try to search Dr. Hu's information online.  I found her website and read all the information on it.

I also watched her video taping.  Her photos and her voice somehow calmed me down and comforted me in the early morning 3am.

As an older person, it is lonely and scary to navigate the confusing and anxiety-provoking world for help.  Since I knew Dr. Hu from April 2014 and I knew that I can trust her for many issues.  

I have seen more and more bumper stickers saying, "Do not spend my children's inheritance away."  What is the matter with the younger and middle-aged generations?  It is not their inheritance; it is my hard-earned saving and my aging husband's humble weekly pay checks for our survival.

I am hoping that Dr. Trudy will have some video tapes posted online to talk about similar issues regarding seniors like me and my husband.  I believe that I am not the only one who suffers this pain and bully from their own flesh and blood.  

I am very grateful to Dr. Trudy.

Sincerely yours,

A 71-year-old mother living in sorrow