EMET - Truth 
Truth may possibly be the most important topic we can find for discussion in this world today. 

What is truth?
Is there any such thing as absolute truth or is it just relative to your own reality?
To the Greek way of thinking truth is found in our relationship between our thinking and the reality of the world around us. Because it focuses on me the definition of truth changes depending on my view point. A redwood tree when viewed from the ground looks very large and tall but when viewed from an airplane it looks almost flat. Thus in the Greek worlds way of thinking there is no absolute, only different views of the same thing. The same tree, or reality, can appear different when viewed under different conditions. Either we are looking from the ground or from above but truth appears to change when viewpoint changes.

G-d is then seen as being different based on how you view him with your culture and personal point of view. There is no absolute truth in this world view. Thus what you believe becomes very important only as it defines a religion.  All religious views are relevant under this way of thinking. The ideal view of truth, in this way of living, would be tolerance or coexistence. I will live my life as I see it best and you should live yours the same way is the key to love and truth in this world view. To tell you that your truth is not true is not a loving way of being in this system of belief. The prevailing world view of Judaism and Christianity today is that both are intolerant. 

But that is far from what the Hebrew way of thinking would understand about what is truth. As we look at this view we will see that for Jesus and the Apostles the Hebrew way of understanding is the same as that of Christianity. 
Hebrew World view 
Looking at the Hebrew word for truth we can see how G-d becomes the center of the meaning of truth. EMET is the Hebrew word for truth. It is spelled from right to left with the letters Aleph - Mem - Tav. Aleph is the first letter of the Alphbet and represents the breath of G-d or our awareness of Him. Truth, then, begins with our awareness of G-d. The middle letter Mem in Hebrew was originally the symbol for water 」,and is also understood to represent the Messiah. From this letter under the Hebrew way of thinking we see divine wisdom from the fountain of life itself which is G-d, the creator and king of the heavens and the earth is the center of truth. Mem is the middle letter of the Alphbet while the final letter of EMET is Tav which is the last letter of the Alephbet. Tav is seen at the expression of simple faith to the Hebrew. This letter corresponds to the kingdom as given to us in Torah or Scriptures.

One of the things we can notice right away is that the baseline of this word is stable and represents the stability we will find in life with a life that is submitted to G-d and His wisdom.
The Opposite of Truth is the LIE
The Hebrew word for "falsehood" is [שקר, sheker].

Shin ( ש ) , Kuf (ק), , Reish  (ר)