Drama Turns into Trauma: Supreme Court Justice Confirmation Process
Written by Dr. Trudy, 10/7/2018


Since the political drama unfolded in Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings on 9/27/18 in Capital Hill, multiple crises in institutional, political and personal levels were exposed.  When the whole country was shocked and impacted by the devastating real-life drama, two exemplary stateswomen demonstrated their courageous, wise and deliberate decision making process to turn the traumatic agitation back to stability.    

Power of Female Voices

Senator of Maine, Susan Collins, and Senator of Alaska, Lisa Murkowski are the symbols of empowerment of female voices, even though they voted completely opposite.  Let us review their rationales.

Highlights of Senator Susan Collins’ Speech on 10/5/18

·        The dysfunctional, turbulent and bitter fights injected into Legislation Branch by special interest groups which oppose for opposition sake have become worse.

·        Spread misrepresentations and outright falsehood through rhetoric, distortion, headline news, and social media.

·        Senator’s duty is to follow the Constitution, perform “advise and consent”, and see if the nominee’s philosophy is within the mainstream of judicial thought.  “Decisions become part of our legal framework with the passage of time and that honoring precedent is essential to maintain public confidence.”

·        Major factors in Senator Collins’ thinking process are her constituents in Maine.  She is clear about her role as a communication bridge among Judiciary Branch, Executive Branch and her constituents.

·        Fundamental legal principles are about due process, the presumption of innocence and fairness.  Otherwise, there is a lack of public faith in the judiciary process. 

·        Bombarded by irrational fear and unproven facts promoted by prominent advocacy organizations, Senator Collins used history to educate the public about the confirmation procedure.  In terms of untrue statements against Chairman Grassley, she used her trust and professional judgment as a reference to separate facts from fiction. “… when passions are most inflamed that fairness is most in jeopardy.”  She also showed her empathetic understanding to Dr. Ford’s sexual assault allegation is “more likely than not” but FBI limited investigation could not identify Judge Kavanaugh as the perpetrator.    

·        She acknowledged the prevalence and under-reporting of sexual assault issues and survivors’ courage in heightening the awareness in this case.

·        We live in a time of such great disunity.  “It is a case of people bearing extreme ill will toward those who disagree with them.”  Sophisticated algorithms are designed to link us to websites that only reinforce and cater to people’s views; we can only expect our differences to intensify, farther away from “a more perfect union” that one of the goals of the Constitutions designed by US founding fathers.

Highlights of Senator Lisa Murkowski’ Speech on 10/5/18

·        Senator Lisa Murkowski indicated that it was a horrible, gut-wrenching and painful process.

·        Major factors in Senator Murkowski’s thinking process are her legislative role, constituents in Alaska, and the standard of nominating a Supreme Court Justice.  Sexual assaults are prevalent issues among Alaska Native tribes and her role of “advise and consent” is to listen to Native Alaskans’ sexual trauma survivors’ cry for justice.  She emphasized professional competence, temperament, and demeanor as basic standards of a Supreme Court Justice nominee.

·        Supreme Court Justice shall promote public confidence in the independence, integrity and impartiality of the judiciary, and shall avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety.  She held highest standards.  She witnessed that the public has lost faith.  She hoped there is some small shred of hope that remains with the judiciary.  This judiciary must be perceived as independent, as nonpartisan, as fair and balanced, in order for the 3-branch government to function.  Her vote of “NO” indicated and demanded a high standard for Legislative, Executive and Judiciary Branches to maintain and regain public confidence.

·        She was concerned that the process has become the new normal where people find new and even more creative ways to tear one another down.  People shall do more on both sides and provide a place for survivors to be heard and to heal.  People can move forward in a manner that shows greater respect and greater comity.

·        “We can take very small, very small steps to be gracious with one another and maybe those small, gracious steps can lead to more.”

Dr. Trudy’s Comment:

This confirmation process is not a football game.  The impact of the process cannot be simplified as an entertainment or a win-or-lose game with the celebration party of beers and sexy cheerleaders as a sideshow.

Under tremendous pressure from all sides, as a female law maker in a conservative party, it is much risky for Senator Susan Collins to vote “YES.”  Her vote of "YES" was based on her rational analysis, integrity, and her professional duty rather than conforming to the threatening pressure and influences from political leaders, protestors or interest groups.

Senator Lisa Murkowski demonstrated her courage by voting “NO” which symbolized the survivors’ voice did not fall into deaf ears even in the loud winning celebration in her male dominant conservative party.  Her single vote of "NO" in her male dominant conservative party represented not only "some small shred of hope" but a brave step to reverse the rapidly vicious deterioration into gracious cooperation. 


Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is another heroine.  She was courageous to stand before the world to testify the sexual assault trauma 36 years ago without witnesses’ support.  The nature of sexual assault (same as bullying) is always hidden and secretive with a perpetrator and a victim in a private setting, rather than like a robbery or other premeditated crimes occurred in the public with potential witnesses’ reports.  That is one of the reasons why majority of the sexual trauma survivors chose not to report.  Even reporting to the police or authorities, survivors might encounter mockery and humiliation because there is hardly a witness or any evidence. 

I applaud these 3 outstanding female heroines who displayed extraordinary courage during the overwhelmingly stressful process.  Senators cast their votes based on their principles rather than submitting conformity when their career future is at risk.  Dr. Ford came forward with full knowledge of the traumatic impact to her reputation, her career, and her life. 

A true hero’s character is best shown when surrounded by unbearable pressure, especially when his or her personal interest is at risk.


God's Commanding Blessings Overrides Curses and Vicious Plots. 
             David v.s. Goliath ON AIR--Directed and Staged by
United Airlines (4/10/2017)

This is an open letter to United Airlines CEO, Mr. Oscar Munoz, Legal Managing Counsel, Ms. Jessica Rossman, Customer Care Managers, Ms. Sharon Grant & Ms. Laura Mandile.

Please broadcast this letter to highlight the overt abuse, elderly abuse, aggravated assault, and covert racial discrimination practice to Asian customers and passengers in United Airlines. 

"What United Airlines and Chicago Aviation Police had done to Dr. David Dao on 4/9/2017 is also not what money can compensate.  Money can not buy his health, happiness and peace back.  Money can not buy his unbroken brain, unbroken nose, unbroken teeth,.., back.  There are more precious and priceless things, quality, or thought in life which you simply can not put a price tag unto it.

We, as a member of humanity, can never pay Dr. David Dao enough for what he has suffered and sacrificed for all of us in this so-called free enterprise, free press, democratic free world full of all sorts of free bullies.  What those CNBC (4/14/2017) anchors said in their stock and money show, "just give him tons and tons of money and truck loads of money, minimum 250 million dollars, and get his name out of the news" truly disgusted me.  Evil knows its ugliness so it has numerous beautiful RICH masks.  Evil was in the forms of slavery, murder, wars, communism, radical brutal indoctrination (thought, education, religion, militant imperialism, ...), now invisibly transforms into the core spirit of money, stocks, free enterprise and free press through political and Hollywood stars.  Bad apples replace good apples; bad money (419 Scam) replace good money, bad pilots (911 Terror Attack) replace good pilots, bad employees (Dr. David Dao's 409 Humanity Attack) replace good employees, cunning politicians (20-Trillion US National Debt) replace honest statesmen, bad cops replace good cops, bad immigrants replace good immigrants, bad doctors replace good doctors, bad health care companies replace good health care companies, and the list goes ON and ON and ON and ON.  Use CNBC money show anchors' suggested number, 250-million dollars, to reward the whistle blowers to expose the mastermind behind Dr. David's Humanity Attack or find another good United Airline CEO.  Money not only can talk but also can scream the truth out.  Nowadays, people use paper money and credit cards for shopping and electronic money for financial and political crimes, and CEOs' compensation.  Mr. Munoz is awarded 18+ millions annually to skillfully bully United Airlines' good pilots, good stewardesses, good customers for his daily rich Bread and Butter.  Spending electronic money in thousands, millions, trillions which can not be counted by coins any more nowadays, no one is reminded "IN GOD WE TRUST" printed on US coins (quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies) at least four times to hundred times everyday when they spend just one US Dollar now."  Easter is 4/16/2017.  Happy Easter to you all.  (written by Dr. Trudy on 4/15/2017)

Dr. Trudy is calling for speakers and writers for the project--"50 Powerful Voice Whisperers."
"Be the change you wish to see in the world." (modified from Gandhi)
Join Dr. Trudy's "50 Powerful Voice Whisperers" project and become a powerful voice through whispering. 

Power does not come from visible or invisible tools or forms of bullies--guns, cannons, silver bullets, physical forces, murdering thoughts and poisonous words from marital partners, family members, co-workers, bosses, earthly fathers, religious fathers, ordinary general to political or Hollywood bullies to justify physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual, verbal abuses, etc.

Dear United Airlines CEO Mr. Munoz, Ms. Rossman, Ms. Grant, Ms. Mandile:

I wanted to thank Ms. Sharon Grant for sending me a letter to express her apology regarding Dr. David's 409 Humanity Attack on UA3411 yesterday (4/18/2017).

We all know that United Airlines is the proud sponsor for world renowned annual Hollywood Oscar Awards show which broadcasts to billions of viewers.

I am sending you this open letter and invitation to you and all United Airlines employees to be a proud sponsor for Dr. Trudy's "50 Powerful Voice Whisperers" in Asia, Taiwan in the month of October, 2017.  It will be a different Oscar Awards in October 2017.

Mrs. Melania Trump is one of my invited honorable speakers because she has been a target by brutal political bullies and free press bullies but she stood elegantly and quietly without saying an ugly word to anyone.  Her beauty and power speak a loud volume to the global audience.  Mrs. Melania Trump's birthday is approaching, and would you please send her a birthday card and my invitation card to Mrs. Melania Trump as a gift on behalf of Dr. Trudy's "50 Powerful Voice Whisperers" project?

Mrs. Xi, Peng Liyuan, 彭丽媛 (丽媛  literally English translation means Beautiful Lady), Chinese Leader's wife is also one of my invited honorable speakers because she has been a beautiful VOICE and celebrity.  She always stood elegantly and quietly without singing an ugly and dirty tune to anyone, especially to Taiwan.  Her beauty and power speak a loud volume to the global audience, too, a shocking contrast of the current Taiwanese president, Ms. Tsai.

I also have invited many many American female powerful Voice Whisperers in various languages and ethnicity to join this project and we will be flying from United States or various parts of the world back to Southeast Asia, Taiwan, in the end of September, 2017.  On behalf of global powerful Voice Whisperers, I am asking United Airlines to sponsor this event and openly broadcast this joyful event.  The whole world is waiting for you, Mr. Oscar Munoz to say something in United Airlines' big microphone, "Oscar Awards in October 2017 goes to ..."

Let me tell you a true story.  It is a true Love Story whispered by Trees, Giant Trees, Holy Wood (神木), and Trees of Life with loud Google and Apple conflicting voices, live witnesses and photos in Angels Camp (4/19/17), next to Chinese Camp, Orange Blossom Trail, Kings Canyon, General Grant Tree (4/20/17), Village of Kings, City of Tree of Life, (4/21/17), and Giant Sequoia, General Grant, General Sherman, etc. 

People always say that "Money does not grow on trees."  When my youngest daughter felt frustrated by my illogical reasoning, she always said in an irritating tone that "Oh, my God, I am talking to a tree." 

Paper money is made from trees.  Money talks and is capable of all sorts of terror.
Trees may not speak human languages but they do "talk" in loud volume quietly for thousands of years but not many people tune into their frequency.

On 4/19/2017, I wrote you a beginning Chapter of this Real Life Story in Angels Camp, California.  There is a Calaveras Big Tree State Park, the home of Giant Sequoia trees on earth.  It is a peaceful and quiet holy shrine which whispers a sacred secret by Giant Sequoia trees beyond human civilization.  There are two groves for Giant Sequoia, North Grove and South Grove.  Giant Sequoia trees are giants among all living organisms and live for thousands and millions of years.  Giant Sequoia trees are the only trees can be found among dinosaurs' remains.  A Giant Sequoia tree grows from a tiny and almost invisible seed.

North Grove has 185 Giant Sequoia and North Grove has a flat field and accessible to hikers.

South Grove has 1000 Giant Sequoia and South Grove has a dangerous slope and is located in very remote, hidden, uneasy place, like hidden gold mines.

In North Grove, a Giant Sequoia, Discovery Tree or Big Stump, was severely injured in 1852 but it was alive until the wind blew it down in 1853.

On 4/19/2017, the park ranger literally said to me, "the Giant Tree was murdered by people, steel drills for days but it did not kill the Giant until the wind blew it down."

On 4/20/2017, the Giant Sequoia in Angels Camp was beckoning me to head Southeast
(13:00).  While driving Southeast and on the way to Kings Canyon, I was called (15:00) by a Tree of Life Insurance Company to go to a City of Tree on 4/21/2017.  I saw the Home of Israel (17:00), protected by President Abraham's Executive Order, guarded by US Calvary of General Grant (17:15), listened to the Holy Story of Giant Sequoia's (General Grant Tree) whispering and the Living Proof of another murdered Giant, Centennial Stump's weeping (17:30).  I was greeted by my Soul Sister's Fragrance (芬芳, Dr. Fragrance) on the Orange Blossom Trail with pungent fragrance in the air (19:00).  On the way of Highway180 West (19:30), I saw an upside down Chair lying on the Right Lane and become a Roadblock for all drivers who need to add fuel in Pilot gas station.  On Highway 99, the Sun was leading me back home in a shape of Rod of Light (19:35) and later on turned into a Light of Cross (8:05pm).  Google Voice instructed the Pilot, a Doctor of Science and a Doctor of Laws, to take the Exit of McKinley (21:00) because the Exit of Clinton is under construction, Google Voice gave confusing loud commands to instruct the Pilot to turn Left on Clinton and the Pilot was very irritated and said (21:30), "Clinton is a mess and it is under construction.  Don't listen to the Google Voice.  Google Voice can be crazy and misled you to the wrong directions which wasted more time to go home.  It is getting late and it is frustrating."  Instead, the Pilot turned Right.  Afterwards, the Google Voice instructed the Pilot to go straight and turn Right on Valentine (21:45) which is paralleled with Highway 99.  The Pilot's daughter, the Little Princess, sitting in the back seat asked for the talking APPLE and checking on Google Map, commented, "This is so weird; Valentine is paralleled with Highway 99 but it takes you more time to go North, the same direction.  Did you see any signs on Highway?  Did you see any signs?  Signs, Signs,...  Did you follow Signs? ..."

On 4/21/2017, I followed the calls from the Tree of Life Insurance to listen to a real-life Terror happened on 4/18/2017 and 3 senseless killings in the central Golden State which was broadcasted by CNN like a wild fire.  When I listened to the so-called victim, I realized that the Discovery Giant, led me to Kings Canyon, and Giant Sequoia to the City of Tree to listen to the story of all the Giants--their beginning of Life from fierce Natural or Man Made Fires to burn all weeds and ordinary wood, how the tiny Giants' seeds need the Sunlight which is blocking by all weeds and wood sticks so that there is no room for the Giants' seeds to grow.  Giants' seeds need nutrient from the ash from those burned weeds and wood sticks to grow.  Those Giants are leading me to listen to one of the most Powerful Voice Teacher, Ms. P., in the Red Star Department Store located in the City of Tree in the Heart of Gold Mountains guarded by all the Giants.  On 4/22/2017, I was sitting in the Executive Office in this Star Department Store.  I saw many real life Star Signs on the wall.  The Giants are whispering to me to read the book on the shelf and its Title is, "100 Ways to Make Magic."  This little book is full of Magics and it is a must-read for all the Star Executives and Star Managers in Standard & Poor's in the Globe.

There is a Chinese saying, "It takes 10 years to grow a tree; it takes 100 years to grow a person."   十年樹木,百年樹人。 

In Angels Camp, CA, USA, the home of Giant Trees whisper a powerful story, "It takes 1000 years to grow a Giant Sequoia tree; it takes millions years to grow a human civilization and a Giant Conscience in this Universe; this powerful Holy Love story can only be heard, revealed and told by Giants, Giants' Seeds, and Voice Whisperers."

Mr. Oscar, we are surrounded by Giants everyday and those Giants are whispering to us on General Highway, on the way to the City of Tree of Life, Home of Israel, Father of Faith (Abraham), and Kingdom of Kings and Queens to worship General Grant and General Sherman.  Among all the Giants, I saw Rosa Parks (First Lady of Civil Rights), Dr. King (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), Founding Fathers (Benjamin Franklin, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, 國父孫中山先生, 醫生), King David (Hebrew King), King Solomon (Wisest Hebrew King, King David's Son), Queen Elizabeth I, General Grant (General Ulysses S. Grant), Presidents (President Abraham, President Grant, President Chiang), Kings of China (中國歷代智慧) , Jesus, Maria (City of Tree of Life), Pablo (Angels Camp), Peter (Dr. Pierre Curie, Dr. PC), Chief & General Tecumseh (Leader of Shawnee Native American), General Sherman (General William Tecumseh Sherman), General & President Chiang (蔣將軍,總統), Native American Chiefs, Crazy Horse, Spotted Elk, Hawk (Mr. Hugh Glass' son), Bird (Rosalie Ida Straus' maid, heard and witnessed Rosalie's reason of giving up her seat in Lifeboat No.8, a Native American mom from Modesto that I was called to work on 4/17/2017), Rosalie Ida Straus & Isidor Straus (German American Businessman, Macy's Co-Owner), Margret Getchell (Macy's top executive in 1866) , Genius (Dr. Pierre Curie, Dr. Albert Einstein, Dr. Neil Armstrong, Dr. Muse-Louis Armstrong,...Dr. A-Z)to meet the Real-Life Star Executives Mr. Diaz and Ms. Sanchez, and to learn from my Powerful Voice Teacher, Ms. P., in the City of Tree of Life on 4/21/2017, to find out who are the modern real Giants, Voice of Justice, and the real Magic in "100 Ways to Make Magic".

1. All of the above real-life Giants' names can be traced by the Family Tree in Genealogy.

2. When you lower your "I", Genealogy turns into Geniality. 

3. When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus (she stands up, i turns into l) on 12/1/1955.  She sparked the "Civil Rights Movement" and inspired the whole world.

4. When Rosalie Ida Straus refused to board the Lifeboat No. 8 in Titanic on 4/15/2012.  Her reason of giving up her Seat on Lifeboat No. 8 was heard and recorded by her maid, Bird.  Mr. and Mrs. Straus' death became a legacy and inspired the whole world, because there is no "i" in Macy (see?).  On the bronze plague in Macy's Headquarter, 34th St. New York, it says, "THEIR LIVES WERE BEAUTIFUL AND THEIR DEATHS GLORIOUS." (This plague has mysteriously shrouded and disappeared under the new enterprise taking over after 1986.)

5. When Dr. David was beat up, bled, and dragged out by United based on Mr. Oscar's Executive Order on 4/9/2017 due to faked "overbooking excuse".  The terror in US commercial jet empire also shocked the whole world.

6. Based on the Holy Odyssey whispered by those Giant Sequoia guarded by General Grant and General Sherman based on the Executive Order from President Abraham, I bet you that Dr. David came from a Family Tree of Doctors of Sun, Moon, Star, Generals of Chiang, Grant, Tecumseh, Sherman, Kings of David, Solomon, Queens of England, United Kingdom, Genius of Science and Literature, etc.

7. If you do not believe that Tree of Life exists, Tree of Life can talk or Tree of Life can make money, you need to read the Executive Training Booklet in the Red Star Department Store Executive Office, "100 Ways to Make Magic."

8.  Mr. OSCAR, if you can see, all the stars in Hollywood have guns, Eastwood, Grant, Wayne...,in 1950s to 1960s to defeat bad people and protect good people.

9.  Mr. OSCAR, if you can see, all the old Hollywood have two "ii" standing paralleled "ll" as Twin Giant Brothers next to General Sherman.  But now too many weeds and wood sticks around the Holy Raw Land which block the Sun and no room for the Giant Seeds to grow in the crowded land with weeds everywhere.  Giant Sequoia Trees need natural fire or man made fire to burn wildly in order to clear up the Raw Land, burned ashes for nutrient, and clear air for Sunlight to shine upon those Giant Seeds, pristine water in hidden dangerous slops in the wildness for thousands and millions of years.  Dr. David is just a hidden figure in the Hidden Holy Giant Grove.  Mr. OSCAR, you have played a major and a general role in the Horror Movie On Air on 4/9/2017, Dr. David's beating, bleeding, and dragging out has woke up all the ordinary Mr. & Ms. a-z, all the general a-z, once general a-z and general public stands up, it turns into Giant Generals, Gods, Kings, Queens, Genius, etc.

10.  Mr. OSCAR, Hollywood actors only mirrors the real life Heroes in Holy Land but they are not real heroes.
 Mr. OSCAR, Hollywood stars can only shine in man-made electric screen with a spotlight or shine from a plastic Black Box to make money for Box Office but they are not real stars.  Once the power turns from ON to OFF, the stars disappear, the plastic Black Box turns dark, no light, no sound.

 Mr. OSCAR, Hollywood stars can kill bad people on screen played by skillful actors but they are not real great leaders or evil outlaws.
 Mr. OSCAR, Hollywood stars will not survive by a real bullet or a fire but those Giants and Generals need FIRE to grow, to thrive and to re-produce.
 Mr. OSCAR, Hollywood and political Hollywood nowadays have too many weeds, wood sticks and plastic junk which crowded the Holy Land, Holy Wood, ( + ) and they suck the clean air and clean water dry.  They also choke the Giants from receiving the Light from the Sun, the nurturing ashes from the Wildest Fires, pristine Holy Water, in order to produce the Godsend Air to spread Godsend Fragrance through Rosa, Rosalie, Fragrance on the Trail of Orange Blossom.

Mr. OSCAR, where did you get your executive education and training?  Whatever institutes that you went to, they all need to close business. 
All the members of United Airlines executive board, I recommend all of you to follow the Signs of this Giants' Foot Prints and you should find the booklet and please pay $20 for a copy.  Find the Magic #64: Margret Getchell, Top Executive in 1866, "Be Everywhere; Do Everything, and Never Forget to Astonish Customers." Just 5 copies of the "100 Ways to Make Magic" by 5 executive, Mr. OSCAR and United employees will receive an smiling perfect score (100) from American Founding Father.

I invite Mr. Oscar Munoz and Ms. Rossman, Ms. Grant and Ms. Mandile to join us to be a powerful Voice Whisperers yourselves and become a proud friendly sponsor for this upcoming project.  Let us find out where those silent human Giants (towering hidden figures) come from and the unique conditions of their remote and unknown Giant Tree Homes (Southeast Groves) in Ancient Gold Mines.

I sincerely and humbly invite you all to be my speakers and sponsors in October, 2017 in Southeast Asian hidden gold mines. 
Be an American pioneer and let us go doing Human Gold Mining Project, "Dr. Trudy's 50 Powerful Voice Whisperers."

The whole world is waiting for you, Mr. OSCAR, the Golden Statue, the symbol of Hollywood... 

Are you listening to
Giants' whispering to you, Mr. OSCAR? 
Can you see the Signs, Mr. OSCAR? 
Mr. OSCAR, are you a general or a General? 
Mr. OSCAR, are you made of gold or just a glittering golden statue in paint on a wood shelf collecting dust?  
Mr. OSCAR, if you are a painted golden figure, you do not need Sun, Water, Air, and you can not even hear, speak, or cry because you do not have guts or a heart.
Mr. OSCAR, if you put a "i" into genus, you will stand out of your Genus and become a Genius to tell the story of Giants, First Chapter--Genesis.
Mr. OSCAR, do you read Fairy Tale Story to your son or daughter?  Do you believe in Tree of Life?  If you don't, I probably have to go to the 3 times Oscar-Winning Director, Ang Lee, to film the real life Giants' Story.

Holy Mother, Holy Father, Holy Brother, Holy Sister, Holy Ghost are whispering their Holy Story everyday and Holy Sun rises everyday from the East, Holy Sun sets everyday to the West in GOLDEN LIGHT and SPOT LIGHT, Holy Star shines brightly during the darkest night, Holy Wood (神木), Santa Maria, Santa Teresa Signs are guiding YOU and ME to find your way HOME of ISRAEL safely.  Hollywood is supposed to be twin giant trees like Peter and Paul in the Holy Land in the Good Golden days, but now people rob Peter to pay Paul, Gladiator turns into violent entertainment in Colosseum, love story turns into sex show, family story turns into big-stick gay pride parade under big-wig Executive Order/Protection of Political Puppets like Pinocchio with a big-stick nose.  Hollywood has been filled with weeds, rotten big sticks, and rotten Apples.  Its brand has been re-branded into a fraud and a mockery of Holy Wood (神木) now.  Giant Sequoia Trees need Holy Fire to clean up the Holy Land for new Holy Giant Seeds (Holy Babies) to grow.

Let us bet that if Mr. OSCAR can hear or talk or not!!!   All EYES are ON OSCAR.  Mr. OSCAR, you are chosen for a reason and you are named after OSCAR for a reason, too.  Want to find out more key pieces of the human giant puzzle (Human Giant Mystery Fairy Tale) for your newborn prince and princess?  Stay tuned.

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
They're really saying I love you

I hear babies crying, I watch them grow
They'll learn much more than I'll never know
And I think to myself what a wonderful world
Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world..."      --Musical Giant: Louis Armstrong

奧斯卡先生,如果你是真的金主,請開金口。不怕火煉英雄能伸, Rosa Parks 不願放棄座位,坐在公車的後黑人的座位區, 1955年啟動黑人民權運動, Rosalie Ida Straus 1912, 主動放棄泰坦尼克號(Titanic) 8號救生艇座位, 讓座位另一個乘客, 選擇與她的丈夫一起死在沉沒的泰坦尼克號, 成為另一種英雄 19124月15日Rosalie Ida Straus拒絕上船坐下座位, 195512月1日Rosa Parks拒絕站起來公車座位, 20174月9日大衛先生醫生拒絕站起來飛機座位是偶然的嗎?  Rosalie (玫瑰), Rosa (玫瑰), (甚至泰坦尼克號電影女主角的名字也是玫瑰, 電影女主角的女僕的名字是Trudy), 以色列大衛王, 國父孫中山先生, 蔣將軍,總統, 李芬芳博士(金州水果橙子芬芳鼻, 充滿)聖靈和眾天使(holy ghosts) 所有人都支持他不要飛機座位, 其中一定有屬

今天20174月25日, 奧斯卡先生, ,人, 國王, 皇后, 國父, 軍, 總統真實人生豐功故事, 感動您, 變成21世紀好萊塢電影黃金史現代英雄, 您會選擇坐下, 站起來, , 繼續做鐵心假金人, 還是讓我們拭目以待吧。

奧斯卡先生, 名字(OSCAR) 的英文名字, 實為德文名字(Trudy), 甚至(Bird)名字是偶然的, ,(Bird)宇宙之神在創造月星辰, ,空氣,火土陰陽, 有形有體宇宙,人肉眼能見有限世界前, 已經被出來了, 戲,

Dr. Trudy


Highlights:  HAPPY EASTER!!!     New Definition of Terror Attack in the Democratic Free World and Free Press

On June 4, 1989, the image of a Chinese student standing in front of the Chinese Military Tank in Tianaman Square, Beijing, China inspired the whole world.  Everyone, especially United States and Western world, cheered for this Chinese student's bravery to fight for freedom in Chinese Communism system.

On April 9, 2017, the image of an Asian male passenger was beat up, assaulted and humiliated by United Airlines and Chicago Airport Police for asserting his right to his paid seat.  Once the video clip posted on social media, it showed the brutal and violent removal scene of Dr. David Dao with one female passenger screaming to express the horror and trauma but cheered by Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show's audience, and some amusing comments from many media anchors, etc.

The ironic contrast is that United Airlines, as an aviation business giant in United States (a democracy world leader), brutalized a paying customer on April 9, 2017 with roaring cheers from popular late night show audiences and FREE press.  On the contrary, a Chinese student did not get run over by the Chinese Military Tank under the command of Chinese Communism Party on June 4, 1989.  If an unknown Chinese student standing in front of the tank on June 4, 1989 inspired the whole world 20 years ago, what Dr. David Dao, a 69-year-old Vietnamese American doctor has endured and stood for deserves more respect than just a laughing stock for Jimmy Fallon Show and so-called free press or the mouthpiece for so-called democratic free world. 

I think that Dr. David Dao's courage and endurance is more inspiring than that Chinese student on June 4, 1989 because Dr. Dao is merely an innocent scapegoat on the greedy and brutal altar of free enterprise and free press.  His trauma exposes more subtle invisible business brutality (euphemism: management), hypocrisy, subtle racial discrimination, and cold-heart inhuman nature in the FREE ENTERPRISE business world which can not be covered up through layers of cosmetic public relationship, political correctness and euphemism.   

A tank does not kill people but the person inside the tank has the control to kill.

An airplane does not beat up people but the person inside the plane and the aviation company has the authority to brutalize people.
A TV screen does not bully people but the anchor or the show host has the forked poisonous tongue to bully, manipulate and terminally injure/kill people.

Money is not the root of all evil because money does not murder people.  The person who has been paid by dirty money can do evil.  Money does not talk but leaves bloody traces behind just like 911 Terror Attack, 409 Scam, non-stop Terror Attacks in Middle East, Africa, Europe, USA, Asia last 7 years, endorsed by "democratic" tycoons, celebrities, and stars in the democratic free world.

Since when, the free world leader, the free press leader, and the free enterprise leader turn into a ruthless, heartless, inhumane butcher, even more brutal than a steel tank under Chinese Communism command on June 4, 1989?

What a bloody contrast and a violent irony!  

What Roman soldiers did to Jesus Christ 2000+ years ago had happened on April 9, 2017 in Chicago, United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Kudos to Dr. Dao and those compassionate and courageous passengers on UA 3411, who screamed, cried, and saddened for his suffering and pain, just like Christ on the cross for all of us.

Kudos to those empathetic passengers who recorded and posted on social media.  Kudos to Jimmy Kimmel who stands up as ordinary American people's VOICE and did not mock the brutality as a piece of funny entertainment.  Kudos to United Airlines Pilots' good stewardship and transporting passengers safely around the world for decades and the public condemning letter on 4/14/2017 as a Powerful VOICE for United good pilots regarding Dr. David's Humanity Attack on 4/09/17 in UA3411, performed by United Express operated by Republic Airline.  Kudos to the true freedom and justice American voice whisperers and viewers on social media as a new modern free press.  Kudos to President Trump to condemn the wrong doing of the New Terror Attack on April 9, 2017, in Chicago, the home of the free/brave/newly re-branded bullies.

Happy Easter to You! 
Dear United Airlines CEO Mr. Munoz, and United representatives:

On April 9, 2017, United Airlines Flight 3411 from Chicago O'Hare International Airport to Louisville International Airport, it is shocking and upsetting to see how United Airlines staff had treated an Asian male passenger brutally and forcefully dragged him out of his seat with blood all over his face as a Brutal United Air Show in front of hundreds of United Airlines traumatized domestic passengers and now in front of billions of horrified domestic and global customers and passengers.  This 69-year-old Asian male is a doctor who needed to fly back to his patients in Louisville but he was dragged out, beat up, and publicly humiliated as a criminal in the Flight 3411 with a PAID SEAT.  Mr. Munoz issued a public statement, saying that United Airlines crew "followed established procedures."  If this is what Mr. Munoz described as "established re-accommodating procedures" in treating a paid passenger, Mr. Munoz and all the United Airlines employees and crew members should all be treated in the same "established re-accommodating procedures" as a common United Airlines employee orientation training and practice. 

United Airlines CEO, Mr. Munoz, Legal Counsel, Customer Service Managers, and all involved crew members should be investigated and legally prosecuted as potential criminals in this paying customer abuse, elderly abuse, aggravated assault, and racial discrimination case as a public legal air show to billions of traumatized domestic and global viewers and customers because "THIS CAN BE YOU, TOO."  Please read the article under Dr. Trudy Insight link, "How to Identify A Bully!"  What United Airlines CEO, Mr. Munoz and top-ranked managers and legal counsels have demonstrated much abusive and discriminatory business practice and management styles to their paying customers on air.  United Airlines did not treat customers this abusive decades ago and the leg room was not so narrow as recent flights, especially international flights to Asia.  United Mileage plan has changed to be very strict and unfriendly to faithful customers, especially to international flights to Asia, too.  United Airlines CEO, executives and high-level managers are more than successful bullies; they are high-paying and high-ranking business criminals who steal, embezzle, physically abuse, assault and discriminating innocent paying customers.

This 69-year-old Asian American old man became a trauma victim of United Airlines and crew members.  In fact, the rest of the hundreds of on- board passengers on Flight 3411 who witnessed and agonized by United brutal business treatment should be considered as secondary trauma victims, too.  All the United Airlines customers and airline domestic and global passengers who have empathetic emotions toward this poorly abused and traumatized Asian old man are also third-degree trauma victims of United Airlines business crime behaviors around the globe.

It is obviously a customer abuse, elderly abuse, and physical and psychological assault practice from United Airlines, crew members, and subtle racially discrimination to this poor elderly Asian customer.

If this Asian doctor is a Caucasian customer or an African American customer, he would have never been treated this abusive and brutal way.

If this Asian customer dressed formally or spoke perfect English, he would have never been treated this abusive and brutal way.

If this Asian customer's seat was taken by a pet dog, a pet cat, or a pet pig and the seat needed to be "re-accommodating" for a crew member, more than 80%-90% of the passengers would have roared, sympathized, and empathized for the pet animals' unfair treatment. 

Even a dog, a cat or even a pet pig on a plane, none of the pets would have been treated this humiliating and abusive way.

Would you drag any of your employees in United Airlines like a piece of dead meat on the plane floor in front of hundreds of United passengers and billions of global customers?

I suggest hereby that United Airlines CEO, legal manager, and top managers should be dragged on the plane floor in public humiliatingly in various fully booked or overbooked United planes in the same violent "re-accommodating" way exactly like this Asian male passenger was treated by United, as a gesture of apology as well as sensitivity training class 101 for the empathy development to experience United Airlines' overt abuse and subtle racial discrimination practice.  If Mr. Munoz (United CEO) and other United top-ranking employees scream about Mr. Munoz' own "established re-accommodating procedure and policy", please use Mr. Munoz' words to describe himself and other uncooperative employees, "disruptive and belligerent."

This case should be treated as an severe abuse, elderly abuse, aggravated assault, and a racial discrimination case, as well as a global class action lawsuit case against United Airlines.

I have been a long-term faithful customer of United Airlines.  I noticed that most of the Asian customers in the international overseas flights to Asia (to Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, etc.) were not well treated or respected, either.  The leg room in economy section is extremely narrow, even narrower than the leg room of Southwest domestic planes.  United Airlines purposely blocked off all the "good seats" during the seat assignment even in economy section and forced paying customers to pay more money to get a "good seat" or an isle seat in economy sections.  The attitude of flight attendants to Asian customers who would like to change to some open seats is very rude and harsh.  I personally witnessed the practice several times on international flights to Asia (to Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, etc.) lately.  The planes are always late, stuck in a tiny space for more than 13-15 hours like a chicken in the crowded chicken jail cell, and make the long flight schedule a living hell on air.  There is no compensation to those poor treatment to Asian customers, either.

What I have recorded should be treated as a class action suit for all Asian customers who paid so much to United Airlines and suffered more than 15-17 hours flight within such as tiny seat space which is very inhumane. 

Mr. Munoz and United Airlines executives and managers, please take time to reflect all the subtle discrimination and brutal treatment to your paying customers, obedient and unassertive Asian cash cows and extremely lucrative Asian country flights for offering inhumane tiny seat with no leg room for more than 13-17 hours on air to Asia.  Flying United to Asia is no longer a friendly tour but a PAID TORTURE. 

This incident is just a tip of the enormous hidden iceberg in the modern world.  

So many brilliant and intelligent Dr. Chen, Dr. Chu, Dr. Lee, Dr. Lin, Dr. Nguyen, Dr. Kim, Dr. Honda, Dr. Park, Dr. Toyota, or Dr. Whatever work their way up just to get a tiny seat  (a job for survival) in economy section (low level position with no or low budget), no matter how hard they work, they all can be downgraded, forcefully removed and dragged out of their legally paid seat (an entry level job) from the companies that they work for.  This kind of subtle mistreatment, abuse and discrimination have been in practice for decades within United States until United Airlines and Mr. Munoz and high level managers reveal their own ugliness in front of the world stage ON AIR. 


So many brilliant and hard-working Asian engineers in Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam,..., live a stressful life with a low paying job to produce parts for all the money-making industry in United States but what kind of treatment do they get?  

"WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR IT???" (This is a real quote.  A polite question with an abusive tone spoken by an ON Semi-Conductor legally skillful manager to demote, degrade and eliminate many Asian American and Asian employees...)

The saddest horror shows are still going ON and ON in so many successful businesses in United States, especially in ON (soon be OFF) Semi-conductor industry.  Otherwise, the abusive bullying will always go ON and ON and ON and ON until someone like Dr. David Dao to turn it OFF.  You can not afford to STAND UP and SPEAK UP because you will be BEAT UP and LIE DOWN.  That is the courage and lesson that Dr. David Dao has demonstrated in the FREE ENTERPRISE and LEGALLY DEMOCRATIC WORLD that we are living in 21st Century.  

Dr. Trudy
這是向聯合航空公司(CEO) 執行法律顧問, 客戶服務經理一封公開信。

透露出聯合航空公司對亞客戶和乘客的公開虐待客,虐待人, 暴力襲擊和隱而不見種族歧視, 客服務態度做法。