Feedback from Companies, Managers, Executives: 

Dr. Trudy is internationally known psycho-therapist who has written and consulted extensively
on cross-cultural work and family issues. 

Dr. Trudy has been writting for CERM Risk Insights for 5 years on mental health issues.

The direct distribution of the e-magazine is 27,000 and more than a million eyeballs weekly on LindedIn.

Dr. Trudy is an imperative asset for the diverse consumers who are in highly competitive
environment and in high demand of mental health services.

Greg Hutchins PE CERM

“Dr. Hu has a unique ability to listen to people who may have trouble putting their thoughts into words and then quickly putting the idea into a clear concept that we could all understand. 

This (Stress Seminars) was very helpful to everyone in first understanding the situations and then efficiently working towards resolving them.  

The team came away with a deeper understanding of the root causes of the issues and the different options available to address them.”
 Leonard Weitman
Site Manager
ASM America, Inc.
2500 NW 229th Ave., Suite 100 
Hillsboro, OR  97124


I love to work with Trudy.  Love is a strong word for me but it shows that how much I anticipate my therapy with Trudy.
I am a Hispanic American female and my culture does not believe in counseling or therapy.  When I told my father that I am in therapy and he disapproved it and saw no value in therapy.

Ever since I met Dr. Trudy, she open my eyes to see the world as a different place.  I see reality now instead of superficiality.

I love Dr. Trudy's stories regarding her mother's shop in Taiwan which is very inspiring.
I am a Catholic and Catholics believe in signs and destiny.
Even though we have difference between Catholic and Christian faith, we all believe in signs. 
It is our choice to take it or not that would distinguish our journey.

As a minority Hispanic woman, I always believe that women are oppressed in the society and the world in general.
Trudy is inspiring, motivational, not afraid to take actions and implementing positive action plans.
I have always been looking for female mentors and role models.
Trudy should be put on the top of the chart of Female Entrepreneur Mentors or Role Models.

Sandy (SEB)


I have a great job and I work for Department of Homeland Security.
I have never sought professional help in my entire life.
The reason why I made the first call is because my drinking problem has become out of hand and I worry that I may lose my job.

After the first two sessions with Trudy, I was surprised to feel empowered.
I realized that I have been bullied by my ex-wife for 10 years.  
I was surrounded by passive-aggressive family members, my aging mother, my veteran wounded older brother, and many relatives who call me "ROCK".
With the burden of taking care of my mother, my brother, relatives, paying for 3 private schools and being bullied and manipulated by my ex-wife, I turn to alcohol and drugs to alleviate my pain.  I am simply an ATM machine.

I was so happy that I talked with Dr. Trudy Hu before I had the meeting with my ex-wife in early February.  Otherwise, I would have become a victim of a negative cycle of fear and anxiety, desperation, alcohol drinking to numb the pain.  I also train my mother and my brother to do some simple tasks for themselves.  If I talk with a neighbor or a co-worker, people would tell me "grab a beer" or "throw some dirt on the wound."  But I found out that I can't grab a beer or rub some dirt unto the wound which caused more troubles and infection.

Typical Hispanic male like me will never ask for any kind of help, not to mention professional help, which is a taboo.  If I bring up therapy as a subject in the dinner table with my Hispanic friends and families, I would become a target of mockery and humiliation, especially my uncles' generation.  Machismo is the most important core value in Hispanic male culture.  But it is a different era now and it is important for people to talk with someone who is not a neighbor or a friend.

I came to Trudy to address alcohol issue.  I was thinking about going to the left for solution but Trudy is showing me the extremely right direction.
In the entire two sessions, Trudy did not even talk about my drinking issue but my interpersonal interactions with all my loved ones around me.
I have not even thought about alcohol or feel like drinking at all since my first session with Trudy.

I have experienced a tremendous sense of empowerment within such a short period of time.
I am glad that I took the opportunity to make the call.

A. Martinez
Aviation Inspector
Department of Homeland Security
San Jose, California

I am a 71-year-old mother and I have suffered deepest sadness and seen a big part of my life gone 

because the relationship with my daughter and my grand daughter. 

 I love and help my daughter so much and I raised my grand daughter for years but what I was given 

by my daughter and her husband in return is physical assault, mental threats, and financial abuse (living for free, 

child care for free, utility for free, property taxes for free, ...).  

I and my husband were taken for granted until we can no longer take care of ourselves and fear for our safety and lives.

I could not sleep last night and try to search Dr. Hu's information online.  I found her website and read all the information on it.

I also watched her video taping.  Her photos and her voice somehow calmed me down and comforted me in the early morning 3am.

As an older person, it is lonely and scary to find help.  I do not know where to go for help and who to trust.  

Dr. Hu helped me so much since April 2014 and I am hoping that Dr. Trudy will have some video tapes posted online

 to talk about similar issues regarding seniors.  I am very grateful to Dr. Trudy.


Trudy helped to restore peace and unity to my family. 

She has been flexible to meet my demanding schedule and knowledgeable about the difficult topics and issues my family has faced after divorce. 

I saw a divided home become restored and whole again, and Trudy was an essential part of that transformation. 

I am truly grateful for the help she has provided myself and my family.

Kristy Powell

Instructional Coach

Early College High School/ Teen Parent Program



Dr. Hu is very experienced in diagnosing my mental concerns and my abusive relationship with my middle-age daughter.

She is able to bring me to the realization of the fact of my love toward my adult child is harmful to my health and her personal growth.  My adult daughter is 40 years old and she has become dependent on me for child care, financial stress, her marital issues which become a severe burden on me and my aging husband.


umberto tunesi on December 22, 2014 at 11:37 pm said:

Words of wisdom, and of kindness, too. 

Man – and not only “man”: the article “Men Take Idiotic Risks, Study Confirms” quoted on CERM Risk News # 4 doesn’t entirely express my own view – especially western man, has always neglected and keeps neglecting life quality, or quality of life, for what matters, favoring quality of things, instead. And this applies to risks, too. 

Eastern thinkers, even Japanese, seem to harmonize better living and non living beings. 

A few hours ago, queuing for a blood sample, I was chatting with a young woman, and we both realized that in a couple of days it will be Xmas, once more, while it seems that summer was yesterday. 

We’re losing perception of time. And I don’t think any product-oriented standard will ever replenish such vacuums.


Hi Dr. Hu,

I hope you are doing well! It looks like you have been busy! I just wanted to let you know how I am doing and reconnect. I recently found the journal I kept during my few sessions with you over the summer of 2012 in Bethany. 

It honestly amazes me how far I have come. When I saw you, I had a GPA of 2.6, was living an unhealthy lifestyle, and was clinically depressed. Two years later and I am finishing my undergraduate degree at USC with a 3.0 and going on to get a Masters of Engineering at Duke University and could not be more excited about my future prospects. I definitely could not have done it without your help! I still keep two quotes you told me in mind:

Success is a lonely path


Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

I just wanted to thank you again for your guidance.

D. R.

Hi Dr. Trudy,

Thank you so much for coming out to my company last week.  You really helped a lot of people, in particular, the men who were the first responders.  I am so glad they got to talk to you and open up.  I hope that now they can begin to heal.

I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk to me.  I know that you extended your stay to do it and I really appreciate it.  You have a kind and caring way that puts things in perspective.  It was very helpful.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again and learning more about your future programs.