Principled advisory services from your friendly neighbourhood Principal Advisor!

I am a deep thinker and analytical strategic reformer with a conscience, skilled in:

  • Strategy - integrated problem-solving to transform service delivery with step-change improvements in quality, efficiency and value to customers (preferably for social benefit).

  • Analysis/modelling of costs, value & risks - focussed on the principal (most important) details.

  • Principled advice that challenges the status quo.  I dare to imagine and believe we can do better.

(& in recognition of the vice in advice, maybe I should also acknowledge that mine is blunt honesty!)

        - follow the links to read more about each aspect (these pages replicate my separate business website).

I work across all industries, but with particular experience in transport & energy networks and economics/finance, as you can see from these pages on this, my personal web site.

In all areas I have a passion for innovative & transformational strategic change informed by objective analysis.

You can contact me via here or Twitter @dc_thorp or LinkedIn (where you can find my resume highlighting my achievements in public-sector transformation and academia).

If I can't do what you need, I may be able to use my 'inter-web' of connections to put you in touch with people who can!