Affordable Housing

The attached "Affordable Housing Framework" slides* examine the key drivers of housing affordability and potential policies to address it.  They cover the issues and recommended reforms that I summarise below with links to further references & detailed proposals (bolded) on this web site.  The first three strategies aim to tackle "housing affordability" in general by improving the  efficiency of the housing market and, most importantly, by redistributing wealth so everyone can afford a home (and other life essentials), whilst the subsequent strategies address reforms to provide better additional support targeted towards those who are most disadvantaged:

Here's a few links to reports of interest:

* NB. I was asked to do the attached "Affordable Housing Framework" slides to facilitate stakeholder discussion when I was employed by the NSW Government in 2015. 
They weren't developed for Cabinet advice and don't necessarily represent the Government's or any agency's policy position, so I'm releasing them proactively here in accordance with GIPA.

I did the "Social Housing Strategy" and other attached/linked documents & reform proposals of my own initiative.

This page was completely refreshed on 20-21 June 2020 for submission to the NSW Housing Strategy consultation process.