Links for DV & parental alienation, plus men's health & issues, father's rights (& their benefits for kids) and Family Court/Law Reform groups

There are many more links throughout the text of my related web-pages, especially for DV research and Parental Alienation (PA).

NB. I'm not necessarily endorsing everything that's posted on these sites!


The Partner Abuse State of Knowledge Project (PASK):

"Break the Silence – A Support Guide for Male Victims of Domestic Abuse" - book by Lee Marks (research & campaigning for male victims of family violence)

Domestic Violence Awareness Australia: "Australia's most accurate DV death count"

Coalition to End Domestic Violence:

Phil Mitchell's blog (therapist helping male victims of sexual abuse, assault & exploitation): (‘Prawn of the Patriarchy' blog covering DV, men's issues & critique of feminism)

Virtual Campaign to Stop Female Violence against Men and Children (Facebook, formerly "Violence Has No Gender") & (currently discontinued)


PA and shared parenting (see also references in my section discussing PA) &

People Against Parental Alienation: &

Parental Alienation Affirmative Action (Australia)

Parental Alienation World Wide Support Group (Facebook)

National Parents Organization (USA), 

Parental Alienation and Psychological Abuse Support and Intervention (USA): (USA) - Helping families raise children between two homes

International Support Network for Alienated Families: &

- a free service for alienated mums & dads to let their children know they are loved and missed

More support & resources

Australian Men's Health Forum:

The Centre for Male Psychology (UK):

Parents Beyond Breakup & Dads In Distress - Online & in-person support across Australia, including suicide prevention: & (counselling) - former feminist, sex therapist and prominent social commentator in Australian media & (based in Perth, WA) & or & (family law) or (global network)

Families Need Fathers: (UK-based) (Tom Golden, US therapist & speaker) (advice) (US legal advice) (Canada)

NB. Some groups deliver a mixture of support, information & campaigning.

Campaigning - an organisation seeking to support fathers, children and families and to pursue reform of the Family Court including through a class action. (USA)

Families for Children's Rights: The Australian Movement & &

Men and Women for Equal Parenting for Australia (Facebook)

Australian Non Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) &

Fairer Child Support & Family Law Reform (Twitter)

Australian Brotherhood of Fathers: &

The Father's Rights Movement (USA): (was ) &

It's Time to put Kids First!