Hi !
I'm an analytical, strategic reformer with a conscience (or "Principle(d) Advisor"), working on Australian & global public service strategy/transformation & 'technology disruption' of other industries, including:
Oh yes, and I've also been doing a lot of thinking about the mind and figuring out the answer to life, the universe & everything!
So basically just trying to save the world, from my laptop - pursuing truth, justice & the British way (if that's not too inconvenient?)!

This is my personal site (nothing confidential IMO).  I know it's not very stylish, but I'm hoping the content will make up for it (a bit like me really!) - feel free to volunteer to make it look fancy!
I created most of the site & started my justice campaign only recently (during 2015/16), but developed almost all the ideas & content on economics, energy, human services and transport before 2006, except CBD bus-routing done in 2014 and the metro rail plans I discovered in 2015-16 (I say "discovered" as in a strange way they just seemed to reveal themselves to me!).

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