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Bridport Arts Centre 2013

This is a photographic archive of the DPG annual exhibition at Bridport Arts Centre in December 2013.
Details about the exhibitors can be found in their section of the website

 Jane Burden with her "Puck's Girdle".
This is a set of ceramic disks that have textures taken from "Google Earth". They represent a wide assortment of landscapes.
The piece will be installed in the Dorset County Hospitalafter its visit to Bridport.

Jane is interested in commission work of a similar nature.
 Jane Burden - casted tabs from Sherborne House
 Mark Tattersall's display

 Mark Tattersall - Dorset Moon series of tiles

 Mark Tattersall's bowls
Peter Woodward's display
  Birgit Falker's Display
 Monica Freeman's display
 Monica Freeman's Mouse Mugs
 Jennie Hanrahan's display
 Jennie Hanrahan's Egg
 Jennie Hanrahan's tiles
 Jennie Hanrahan's eggs
 Jennie Hanrahan's eggs on bases
 Laurence Eastwood's display
 Laurence Eastwood's jugs, mugs and bottles
 Laurence Eastwood's bottles
 Maggie Cooke's dish
 Maggie Cooke's bowls
 Fil Cooke's Display
 New House Pottery Display
 Miles Bell's display
 Andy Davey's display
 Chris Reynold's Display
 Dave Emery's display
 Dave Emery's Vase
 Dave Emery's bowl
 Susan Rostron's display
 Susan Rostron's display
 Fiona Kelly's display
 Ian Harris's display
 Will Brown's display
 Dave Walker's Display
 Dave Walker's bowl
 Dave Walker's pot
 Bill Crumbleholme's display
 Bill Crumbleholme's display
 Bill Crumbleholme's burnished and smoked pots