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Central African Republic

I spent two years (1988-1990) as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in the Central African Republic. My official duties were teaching mathematics (in French) to high school students in the town of Kembe, some 600 km by dirt road east of the capital city, Bangui. For those who want to see the exact spot, here was my house in Kembe and my classroom at the Lycée Scientifique Cécile Digo.

I took a few pictures of Kembe and Central Africa during my stay, and wish I had taken more. Who knows when I will ever get back there!

Occupying the middle ground between the official language (French) and the seventy-odd mutually unintelligible tribal languages, there is a national language, Sango, spoken and understood throughout the country, a lingua franca used in commerce and for intertribal communication. It's easy to learn, has a (relatively) small vocabulary, a trivially regular grammar, and a musical ring.

Learn more about Sango and be the first on your block to speak it!

Feel free to contact me (Dan Weston) at daniel.d.weston@gmail.com.

Last modified on 22 July 2012