BWV 0996 - LUTE SUITE Nº 1

David Russell plays the 1st Lute Suite, BWV 996 by J.S. Bach recorded in the monastery of Celanova, Spain. This video is presented by the Omni Foundation's Omni On-Location series, Concerts from Historic Sites
Adam Roth - The complete video recording of J.S. Bach's Lute Suite in E Minor, BWV 996
PRELUDE - LUTE SUITE NO.1 BWV 996 in E Minor by JS BACH --Played by Narciso Yepes
Johann Sebastian Bach - Lute Suite, BWV 996 in E minorguitar by Otto Vowinkel, 2004Produced by Sanel Redzic
First three movements: 1. Praeludio. Passaggio - Presto, 2. Allemande, 3. Courante.
Last three movements: 4. Sarabande, 5. Bourrée, 6. Gigue.