District Youth Camp Out & Canoe Trip 2015

By Valarie Kline · Updated about a month ago
Cook-Out, Camp-Out, Canoe Trip, + Obstacle Course Ultimate Frisbee, Sharing by David Radcliff, "Murder in the Dark", Early Morning Campfire that didn't want to start, Boat-Toting Truck that refused to start, Thorn-Defying & Death-defying Put In Point, Sunken Canoe, Sunken Lunch, Death-Defying Take Out Point, & Two Hours Longer than planned = Memories to last a lifetime! Thank you, youth and advisors, who participated in the DUCT Camp-Out & Canoe Trip. Thank you, Tim Weybright, for hosting. Thank you, God, that we all survived!

Rachel Kauffman,
Apr 1, 2015, 7:24 AM