District Board

The District Board shall manage and administer the work of the District as authorized by District Conference, to which it is accountable. The Board, as the incorporated body, is the legal agent of the District. The Board shall be empowered to act on behalf of District Conference ad interim except for those actions specifically reserved for District Conference as set forth in the constitution and by-laws. Its functions include*:

  • Fulfill the directives of District Conference and make an annual report to District Conference
  • Project long-range planning, set goals, and initiate new programs
  • Promote, administer, and supervise the Church program in the District
  • Be responsible for organizing and disorganizing of congregations or fellowships, following church polity
  • Approve candidates for ordination upon recommendation from the Ministry Committee
  • Hire and direct the work of the district executive staff and other employed personnel
  • Make appointments for which it is responsible
  • Be responsible for all district funds and prepare the district budget to present to District Conference
  • Hold title to District properties

* A more complete list may be found in the District By-laws

District Board:

Marie Tom, Secretary (2020)
Evan Garber (2019)
Mike Martin, Chair (2020)
Rosanna McFadden (2019)
Harriet Hamer (2019)
Paul Thomas  (2019)
Pam Hoppe, Vice-Chair (2019)
Donna Lantis (2020)
Kris Polega (2020)

Board Resource Persons:
Michael Dilling, Moderator
Mark Riege, Moderator-Elect
Duane Grady, Standing Committee
Torin Eikler - Executive Minister

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