Order Altar Flowers

Please check your calendar and let the Church office know (Telephone 446-2481 OR Email sotcms@bellsouth.net) OR use the large book (Activities Happening at SOTC ) located on the Fellowship table to list the information the Sunday (by month and day) which you have chosen.   You may also write the information on a sheet of paper and enclose it in an envelope and deposit it in the collection plate during Sunday Service, writing FLOWERS on your check's memo line and ATTENTION:  FLOWERS  on the outside of the envelope.

Searching for a lovely way to say Thank You to SOTC as an individual or Committee Chair?  or a way to commemorate someone's Anniversary or Birthday?  Or perhaps remember a Loved One's passing? 

Acknowledgement of the dedication, which you provide, will be placed in the weekly Coastline which is distributed at both services on the same Sunday the flowers are placed on the Altar.  The donation is also tax deductible.

One Altar Flower arrangement costs $30.  You may share the cost with another and list their name(s) with yours.  It is important to please write FLOWERS on the memo line of your check made out to Shepherd of the Coast.

 The arrangement will need to be ordered a minimum of 10 days before the particular Sunday you have chosen.  You may pick up the flowers after the last service or leave them to be delivered to shut-ins by SOTC members. 

Required Information:
        1.)  Your Full Name  (first and last).  You may also, if you wish, state that you wish to remain anonymous.
        2.)  Your telephone number, in case clarification is needed.
3.)   Your Envelope Number (if applicable)
        4.)   The Sunday's date for your Flowers to be placed on the Altar (Month and Day, please.)
        5.)   How you would like the dedication to read in the Sunday Coastline bulletin:  some suggestions:
                To celebrate the ...
                In honor of ...
                In memory of ...
                In gratitude for ...
                To the glory of God ...

Your donation adds beauty to our worship.  Blessings and Thank You.