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Electronic GIVING

What a joyful privilege and sacred duty it is to support the work ...
the missions and the ministries ... of Shepherd of the Coast through financial offerings. 

This can now be done electronically, saving our Church the fees banks charge for each check processed and saving you the hassle of remembering envelopes.  SOTC is treated as a business by the banking industry and consequently there is a charge for every check received.  Electronic transfer significantly reduces these charges.  Further, direct deposit helps the Church in another subtle way in that donations are made even when you are away on vacation or otherwise not attending Church. 

Giving electronically is similar to using your Debit Card.  Please know that this contribution, using your checking and/or savings account, is done with secure PCI Level 1 compliant payment card standards, the highest level of data security certification in the industry.  Please click on the button below and you will be transferred to the electronic giving section to make a one-time or a recurring (weekly or monthly) offering.  See below for more help.


Thank you and God Bless you.


1. Select and list the dollar amount that you wish to give to any of the designated funds listed.  Click on the "dropdown" box to indicate whether the offering is a one-time, weekly or monthly recurring offering.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO PUT THE AMOUNT OF YOUR CONTRIBUTION AS A DEBIT IN YOUR CHECK BOOK'S REGISTER. 

2. Select the numerical date that you wish the offering to occur.  You may pick any numerical date which fits into your monetary schedule. 
        a.)  If you choose a recurring weekly offering and you have no preference, a good rule is to choose a numerical date which falls on the first Friday of the week you begin.  (The next recurring weekly giving will follow seven days later.) 
        b.)  If you choose a recurring monthly offering and you have no preference, a good rule is to choose a numerical date which is either the 1st, 15th or 28th day of the month.  (The next recurring monthly giving will follow thirty days later.)
        c.)  The fund transfer cycle is usually 72 hours.  If your giving date happens to fall on a non-business day or holiday, the funds  
will transfer on the bank's next business day.

3. Click the "Continue" button and enter your name, your address, your phone number and an email address.  PLEASE REMEMBER this is a very secure site.  Next select either your checking account or your savings account and enter the routing number and the account number from a blank check or from your bank statement.  Once you have reviewed your entries you may complete your online giving.  IF you see a mistake, click on the "Edit" button and make the corrections.  You complete the online giving by clicking on the "Process" button.

4. If you desire, before you complete the online "Process," you may create a login ID and password which will allow you to check, modify, add and/or stop your electronic offerings at any time and from any location.  This password and ID also eliminates the need to re-enter your personal and banking information the next time you visit the online giving page.  You may also check the year-to-date totals of your offerings and the funds donated to at any time.  If you do decide to create a password and ID, press the  "Select Password" button and follow the instructions.  Your email address will be used as your login ID. 

IF you have any questions, please contact the church office by email at sotcms@bellsouth.net or by telephone at 386-446-2481.  If the issue is complex, the question will be referred to one of our staff and a return call will be made.