Mission Trips: KENYA


Pastor Bill and Lisa Douthwaite served as part of the LCMS medical mission team who worked at a clinic at Botoro Lutheran Church near Kisii, Kenya.

The first trip to Kenya was in 2005 and Ray and Joanne Michaels helped to build a medical clinic. The second trip was in 2006 and Doris Clayborn also went along to help continue the work on the medical clinic.  The medical clinic has been open now for several years.  In the first year over 4,000 people were seen at the clinic.


SOTC's LWML (Lutheran Women's Missionary League) sent money to purchase a motorbike for a young Pastor named Reverend Philip.  It allowed him the ability to see more of his parishioners in a shorter amount of time.  He is still using that motorbike and the Bishop always reminds his constituents that the ladies from the United States Lutheran Church provided the money for the bike and he concludes his statement with, "Now that is love!"
The third trip was led by Ray and Joanne Michaels and they were the sole SOTC members.  SOTC gave some financial support and a school was built in a little village called Maau Elli.

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During the trips, in addition to construction projects, the SOTC members did home visits and had "Kid's Club" which is similar to our Vacation Bible School.  Hundreds of children attended at a time.  One year, little pre-school children walked 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours each way to attend the school. 

The final trip was in 2008, and Joanne and Ray also led this trip.  Our then Vicar, Brian Earl, came along on this trip.  Those attending added 2 classrooms to an existing school.