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Alton Langford took over the artistry duties from Lorin Thompson in December of 1982 when his first designs of the characters were shown. He worked on Ranger Rick from 1982 to 2000 as the artist for Ranger Rick’s Adventures. Langford brought a different style of art to Ranger Rick, going from the painted style of Thompson, to a more pen-and-ink style design, which gave the characters a design more in tune with a child’s storybook. By the 1990s, the characters began to interact more with objects of the human world. Like Thompson before him, Langford was required to draw the characters from multiple angles, and would do so with precision.

Represented below are some of the characters from Ranger Rick, drawn by Alton Langford in various issues of the magazine during his tenure with the National Wildlife Federation. Individual character pictures have been digitally cut from the adventure story they originally appeared in. Some pictures of the characters in group shots are not removed from their background due to the fact the loss of the environment would make for an unusual crop.

All photos are © the National Wildlife Federation, 1982-2000, used with permission.

All drawings are by Alton Langford.

Ranger Rick, Ollie Otter, and Sammy Squirrel cannot stand jet planes.

The gang's reaction to the news of no Ranger Rick magazine in a 1987 adventure.

The gang has a difficult experience roller blading. I guess they just weren't made for animals.

Two shots of Ranger Rick and Becky Hare, the later of which shows Becky in her winter fur coat colors.

Odora Skunk, Ranger Rick, and Boomer Badger stand together to hold off bulldozers.

Ollie Otter, Scarlett Fox, and Ranger Rick relax on a beach waterfront.

Scarlett Fox and Boomer Badger gazing at......

Sammy Squirrel's decision to be a rat for a Halloween adventure.

After a long day in the snow, Ranger Rick wouldn't mind just getting some sleep! (He isn't working for peanuts if he actually has a bed!)

Scarlett Fox goes for a ride!

Scarlett Fox and Ranger Rick attempt to catch....something.

Hi everyone!

Oh come on, we can't lose to a team with Ollie Otter, Sammy Squirrel, Becky Hare, and Chester Chipmunk!

Ollie Otter and Ranger Rick tag-team fish!

Ranger Rick and Sammy Squirrel gaze into the trees.

Scarlett Fox and Ranger Rick gaze at......


No, Becky! You mustn't feed him after midnight!

He turns into a....grumpy badger. Look at the eyes!

Seriously, don't make these guys pick up your garbage! Clean up your own mess!

What? You don't want me to give you that trader card autographed by Balto?

Who's anniversary you might ask? Ranger Rick's of course! He turned 30 in 1997.

Wheeeee! Water rafting with a turtle! Whod'a thunk?

You sure look like you had fun over there.

Zelda after getting hit by a car. I was more shocked she had kids! No wonder we don't see her around anymore.

Boomer does his Thriller monster impersonation.

Where's the beach?

Feeding Cubby Bear....that's a lot of strawberries!

Come hitch a ride with me.

Hey Rick, can I get a ride like that too?

Catfight!!! (And Chester doesn't look like he wants to get involved!)

Hey Sammy, if we make it just a bit bigger, you could actually live here.


......of evil Scarlett that puts naughty raccoons to bed early!!!

What do you mean I can't eat any more chocolate? Didn't you hear it is good for you? (Sorry about his paws...couldn't edit it out.)

We must absolutely grow apples here! Cubby we're so glad you brought the bees to pollinate them.

Scenes from stories:

Odora Skunk and Ranger Rick have had enough of Lady Gaga.

Becky Hare nearly gets eaten by a lynx.

Rick and the gang try to ward off a cougar in the middle of the night.

The gang rides bronco style on Davey Deer.

Ollie Otter is apparently so strong, he can hold back cars with one paw as critters scurry past.

The whole gang has a load of fun playing on a huge dragon inner tube.

Next week on Hoarders.....we go inside to an armadillo burrow, to discover why he must stockpile loads of toys....


Am I getting a bath or a glaze? o.O

Snow Rick! (Am certainly curious how they got to the top!)

The cast celebrates NWF's 50th birthday. Can you name all the characters?

Rick, Indiana Jones you are were supposed to grab the hat before it got away!

That's for the time you pushed me down that mudslide before the meeting with NWF executives!

All I can think of is that song from Ice Age with the vultures...."Food! Glorious food! We're anxious to try it...."

All I will say is that isn't mud that is all over everyone....except Boomer of course. He must be the king of the group.

And then I was like "Aaaarrroooooohhhhh, I will chase any who snatch my marshmallows!"

"I said no paparazzi!"

"I'm gonna take you down, Beaver Cleaver!"

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