Character Images - Lorin Thompson's Work

Lorin Thompson was Ranger Rick’s original artist when the magazine debuted in 1967. He worked on Ranger Rick from 1967 to 1982 as the artist for Ranger Rick’s Adventures. During that time, he portrayed Rick and cast in earthy watercolor based paint styles, giving them a natural charm found in painted murals. Thompson gave the characters much detail and throughout the years, they were drawn from all sorts of angles, in all sorts of situations, and Thompson was able to do it impeccably.

Represented below are some of the characters from Ranger Rick, drawn by Lorin Thompson in various issues of the magazine during his tenure with the National Wildlife Federation. Individual character pictures have been digitally cut from the adventure story they originally appeared in. Some pictures of the characters in group shots are not removed from their background due to the fact the loss of the environment would make for an unusual crop.

All photos are © the National Wildlife Federation, 1967-1982, used with permission.

All drawings are by Lorin Thompson.

Character: Ranger Rick Raccoon

Who would have thought Ranger Rick would literally jump on a wolf to stop it?

Character: Ollie Otter

Character: Sammy Squirrel

Needless to say, bird feeders have gotten more technologically advanced since the 1970s.

Don't run over Sammy's nuts....he'll get angry!

Character: Becky Hare

Character: Chester Chipmunk

Character: Odora Skunk

Character: Bobby Beaver (phased out by the 1980s)

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