First Issue (January 1967)

I haven't a clue how many copies actually still exist of the very first issue of Ranger Rick, but I can testify forty-two years later, there's at least one out there--and its in my possession after some sleuthing on ebay.  Actually I was able to get most of the 1967, 1968 and 1969 issues in the same deal for less than $20.  Who says you can't get good vintage stuff for cheap on the internet's largest yard sale?

Cover photo (with a bit of image enhancement because the color was faded slightly)

A message from the boss himself to his rangers!

And included on this page is Ranger Rick's first adventure--helping Benny Bass.  This article has been reprinted and retold a couple of times as far as I'm aware of (once in the 80s, and again in 1990).  I looked back on this adventure and said "my how you've changed!"  Imagine if your modern day Ranger Rick adventure looked like this:

As you can see, Deep Green Wood had many more inhabitants, at least as far the first story is concerned.  Most of the characters presented, did not return in future stories.  Through the years, new characters have been added as others are removed (e.g. Becky Hare replaced Oscar Rabbit).  The characters from the original story which are still represented to this day in Ranger Rick are:

Ranger Rick Raccoon
Ollie Otter
Sammy Squirrel
Cubby Bear
Odora Skunk
Zelda Possum
Chet (Chester) Chipmunk

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