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Church of The Eternal Source

A Federation of Neo-Egyptian Reconstruction Temples 


The Church of the Eternal Source is the oldest nonprofit church in the world that is dedicated to the practice of the Ancient Egyptian Religion. The church was established in 1970 in California, and granted nonprofit status there in 1971. in 1989 one of the church founders, Rev. Harold Moss, moved to Idaho and established a CES temple in Boise. As of 2010 and the passing of Rev. Moss the the CES moved to Oregon under the leadership of Rev. Michael Poe. In 2016 the main temples moved to New Mexico and hope to establish the CES as a non profit church there in the coming months. We offer fellowship, counseling, celebration of public festivals and personal instruction to any interested party. In the future we are hoping to expand our membership and temples. If you are interested in becoming a member, initiate or priest/ess of the CES please see About CES for more details.

The CES follows the principles of Egyptian spirituality and religion including honoring all of the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and utilizing the Goddess Ma"at in finding a balance, harmony and order between ones self, the world and the afterlife. We reconstruct the Ancient Egyptian Religions as they were practiced by the Egyptian temples and through personal worship, in the context of the modern world, and incorporate these beliefs into our daily lives. Our knowledge is based on information gathered from studying scholarly sources in Egyptology, translations from ancient texts as well as personal revelation

NEW!  Membership information and form:  Click on Membership form   (updated 05/16/18)



New!      Membership information and form:  Click on Membership form   (updated 05/16/18)

Membership only website of hundreds of rituals and ritual elements called the Book of Thoth

Membership only website of hundreds of articles on the Egyptian Religion, ancient and Kemetic called the Alexanderian Library

Coming Soon 

    For Members only: 

        CES publications including the Pagans Guide to the Pyramid Texts, the Pagans Guide to the Book of the Dead; the CES Egyptian                                     Calendar, the Pagans Guide to the Book of Gates; Ancient Egyptian Philosophers and their texts and more.


        Non CES publications will be accessed by members such as books on Imhotep, Hermes, Popular Religion in ancient Egypt, plus PDF articles

    For Non Members: 

        (this website) 

       Temple of Ptah and Renenutet will be added to the other temples on this site.

        Recommended websites reviews will be updated

        Another article or two will be uploaded on this site.


In 2019 For the first time we will be offering online classes as well as possibly priesthood training (priesthood training for members only).

In 2019 The CES magazine Khepera will start publishing again.

Althouth currently unincorporated, the CES will retain the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws with minor adjustments.

Stay tuned and check the NEW! for current updates








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