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We're going to the moon.

Red Whittaker, Astrobotic's Chairman and one of my favorite people (also Fredkin Professor of Robotics at CMU), asked me in mid-2012 to "take a look" at the Astrobotic brand. Since then I've been involved in branding, website redesign, and overarching strategy.

Originally conceived as a team to pursue the Google Lunar X-Prize, Astrobotic is now a real company with real customers who have paid real money to fly on our real lander to really land on the moon. These aren't "donations;" these are real paying customers who want to get payload to the moon. And it's just the start. Astrobotic, and companies like it, will fundamentally change the way humans view, and ultimately use, space.

Oh, and NASA has contracted with us to develop the capability to perform autonomous, controlled landings on the Moon, Mars, and asteroids for sample return. SpaceX is building the rocket now. Launch is scheduled. More to come.