Student Advising

If I'm your faculty advisor, you're in the right spot. Actually, you're in the right spot even if I'm not, assuming you want to know more about the best courses to take during your time here at the Heinz College.

First, take a look at the "Course to Career" Guide and the "MISM Job-Course Guide" put together by our extremely talented and results-oriented Career Services folks. These will help give you a better sense of what courses may be of most value for your career. If you don't yet have a copy, email Career Services (or me) for one. Then, take a look at the current course schedule. Take a look at the descriptions in the Course Catalog as well. Since many of you are interested in some of the courses available over in the Tepper School (the business school), look at their course schedule too. Then let's talk. If we haven't yet had our initial advising session, I'll be emailing you a link to a scheduling app (but you can email me to meet in advance of that if you like, or just to introduce yourself, or to ask some specific questions). If we have had our initial session, email me so that we can block out some time to take a deeper dive into the courses that will be of most benefit. And we should definitely talk as you think about the courses that you want to schedule for the upcoming semester. As you've probably heard more than once by now, everyone here at Heinz College is dedicated to your success. So let us know when you need help.