Communication Courses

Communication is a lot like pool: everybody thinks that they're great at it, but few people actually are. And 
we sometimes forget that, as with most things that we learn, we're never finished learning.

Here's just one indicator of how important communication is: In a subscriber study done by Harvard Business Review, the "ability to communicate" was rated as the most important factor in making a manager "promotable."

And here's just one indicator of how good we aren't at communicating: A multi-year Gartner Group survey concluded that more than 80% of IT projects were "late, over budget, short of expectations, or simply undelivered" as a result of poor communication at the outset.

I teach and research communication because it's important, because I'm fascinated by it, and because my eclectic background has given me such a rich experience, broad view, and deep appreciation for all facets of communication that I think I might be able to add some value.