There are a lot of resources that I use in my classes (and my life), and I constantly get asked for thoughts and recommendations on the stuff I like (hence the name of this page). You'll find a reasonably complete (though ever-expanding) list on this site's "
Books & Media" page. I thought that I could make things easier for you if I set up an Amazon Store that would aggregate everything -- the books, music, DVDs, products and other stuff I like -- by need or want. So follow this link to my Amazon Store ("" if for any reason the link doesn't work) and you'll be able to browse by need (for example, if you need "Creative Thinking Stuff") or want (for example, if you  want "hardware"). Or click on the titles in the list and you'll click through right to that item.

And please be aware of three things:

First, I'm still building this store, so it's very much a work in progress. You'll see pages that aren't complete, copy missing, and a mistake or two or three as I build it out. Please be kind, and patient. It will take some time, but I think it will be very useful when it's finished.

Second, I'm also using the store for some research into shopping behaviors and branding. Shouldn't matter to you, since your data is anonymous to me (so I can't inundate you with email -- not that I would anyway).

Third, it's a store. It doesn't cost you any more -- in fact, you get the usual big Amazon savings -- but yes, I do make money from your purchase since I'm part of the Amazon Associates Program. It probably doesn't make any difference to you, but in the interest of full disclosure, I thought that I should let you know. And thanks for buying from "StuffChrisLikes."