Show Results


  • WA ECBC Show - Dec 5, 2015 - Kent, WA

  • ECBC Nationals - Feb 27-29 - Ventura, CA

  • ECBC Fall Field Day 2014 - November 15, 2014 - Salinas, CA

  • WA ECBC Sanctioned Show 2014 - December 5 - Kent, WA

  • CA ECBC Sanctioned Show 2015 - January 24-25, 2015 - Ventura, CA

CA ECBC Sanctioned Show '15 - Ventura, CA

The CA State Show was held in sunny Southern California and I showed a full string of standards and 11 mutations (pink whites, champagnes, and beige). We ended up winning:

*Class Champion White (pink white)

*Reserve Class Champion White (pink white)

*Class Champion Beige

*Reserve Class Champion Beige

** place Mutation Breeder award**

*Class Champion Standard

*Reserve Class Champion Standard

**3rd place standard breeder award**

WA ECBC Sanctioned Show '14 - Kent, WA

I drove up to Kent, WA for the WA ECBC branch's first sanctioned show on December 6, 2014 with one of my 4-H members. I had a full string of 20 standards and 12 mutations (pink whites, champagnes, and beiges). The judging was tough but I ended up winning the following awards:

*Reserve Grand Show Mutation - Beige male

*Class Champion beige

*Color Breeder Award - beige

*2nd place Mutation Breeder Award

*2nd place Standard Breeder Award

*We also had a CC and two RCC standards

The younger standard animals in my show string didn't do as well but I am confident in their quality and know they just have some growing and maturing to do as they are all full siblings to the animals that took the top awards since nearly my entire show string had the same herd sire. I am hoping they will grow, grow, grow before the CA show in January so I have more uniform results in the standard show! I am also happy that one of my champagnes took a 1st and the others, 2nds. It is still a mutation under development and I was glad to see them do decently at a sanctioned show against the other whites.

Reserve Grand Show Champion Mutation

I also came home with lots of goodies from the raffles including a gorgeous scarf knitted with yarn spun with chinchilla fur and wool and lots of new cage accessories. I had a great time and am happy I made the drive up there.

CA ECBC Fall Field Day '14 - Salinas, CA

I apologize for the lack of updates - I have still been active in showing - I just haven't had the time to update lately! These past 3 years, I was serving as a National ECBC Director for Region 1 and since last year, have started a 4-H chinchilla program for the youth. I actually brought 3 of the 4-H students in my local program to this show and we all had a great time! They won baby derby and showmanship awards. 3rd place Jr. Breeder, and even Class 2 Reserve Class Champion standard!

My animals also did great at this show! Here are my results:


Grand Show Champion Mutation - Beige M (D-13)

Reserve Grand Show Champion - Beige M (C-27)

Class Champion White - Pink white F (D-28)

Reserve Class Champion White - Pink white M(D-27)

1st place white - Lowes RW champagne F (D-18)

Class Champion Beige - Beige M (D-13)

Reserve Class Champion Beige M (C-27)

1st place beige - homo beige F (C-40)

1st place beige - Beige M (C-44)


Grand Show Champion Standard - Std M (C-1)

Reserve Grand Show Champion Standard - Std M (B-55)

Class 1 Champion Standard (C-1)

Class 2 Champion Standard (D-2)

Class 3 Champion Standard (D-3)

Class 3 Reserve Champion Standard - (D-24)

Class 4 Champion Standard (B-55)

Class 4 Reserve Champion Standard (D-6)

1st place Standard F (D-9)

2nd place Standard F (C-29)

Overall, it was a great show for myself and the 4-H group and I'm looking forward to the WA show in a couple more weeks!

CA ECBC Spring Field Day 2014- Ventura, CA

We took the 1st place Mutation Breeder Award at this show and had the Reserve Grand Show Champion mutation with one of our beiges. We also took Reserve Class Champion White with Mimosa, one of our LRWs!

National ECBC Show '11 - St. Joseph, MO

One of our beige boys took 3rd best beige in the show!

We also won the Standard Junior Breeder Award!

CO ECBC Show '11 - February 5, 2011 - Ft. Collins, CO

Although this show was 1200 miles away, I carpooled with Shahna from Ridge Chinchillas of Northern CA to attend this show. We had a lot of fun meeting the CO ECBC group and the friendly competition.

I had mostly youngsters or older adults to enter at this show but ended up doing quite well. We had two Class Champion standards, two Reserve Class Champion standards, and a Reserve Class Champion Beige. We also took many first places, including most of our youngsters - so we have high hopes that they will continue to grow and become even better as they mature!

CA ECBC State Show '11 - January 15-16, 2011 - Santa Nella, CA

Judges: Pete and Sue Kisesky

This was a great show and we are so proud to have been awarded the First Place Junior Breeder Trophy, the Third Place Standard Breeder Trophy (with 12 animals) and the Fifth Place Mutation Breeder Trophy (with only 4 beiges - all first places!). Most of our youngsters took 2nd places as expected but I was very happy with how my adults and beiges did, a few of them duking it out against Chinchillas La Paloma only to be knocked off the table at the very end because there were no awards for 3rd best in class.

Here are our complete results:

Z11 - Std M - DOB 6/5/10 - 2nd place

Z14 - Bg M - DOB 6/5/10 - 1st place

Z12 - Std M - DOB 6/5/10 - 2nd place

Z9 - Std F - DOB 6/5/10 - 2nd place

Z10 - Std F - DOB 6/5/10 - 1st place

Z20 - Std F - DOB 6/18/10 - 2nd place

Z4 - Std F - DOB 2/20/10 - 2nd place

Z2 - Std F - DOB 2/4/10 - 1st place

X14 - Bg F - DOB 12/5/09 - 1st place

X13 - Bg F - DOB 11/23/09 - 1st place

X8 - Std M - DOB 7/28/09 - 1st place

X3 - Bg M - DOB 6/28/09 - 1st place

Z1 - Std M - DOB 2/14/10 - 1st place

Z3 - Std M - DOB 2/14/10 - 1st place

X10 - Std M - DOB 9/30/09 - 2nd place

X11 - Std M - DOB 9/30/09 - 1st place

...and then there is Mousey, the taillness chinchilla who I showed for comic relief:

Z19 - Std F - DOB 6/16/10 - NO AWARD

Poor, poor little Mousey! Here's a clip when the judge realized that Mousey had no tail:

Overall, we are very happy with how we did... and we came home with the Grand Show Champion and Reserve Grand Show, both beautiful beiges to add to our breeding program:

CA ECBC Fall Field Day '10 - October 23, 2010 - Santa Nella, CA

Judge: Donna Read

The CA ECBC Fall Field Day was a great show and as usual, a good learning experience. I was glad to see some of the people who adopted chins from me in the past also were in attendance. One of our standard boys, Rupert, took Grand Show Champion! We also won the 1st place Jr. Breeder Award!

Our show results were as follows:

Marina/X-14 - Beige F - 1st place

Lola/X-13 - Beige F - 1st place

Minnie/Z-4 - Standard F - 2nd place

Daisy/Z-2 - Standard F - 1st place

Pip/Z-1 - Standard M - Reserve Class Champion

Kip/Z-3 - Standard M - 1st place

Rupert/X-8 - Standard M - Grand Show Champion

Butterscotch/X-3 - Beige M - 1st place

X-10 - Standard M - Class Champion

X-11 - Standard M - 1st place

Some pictures from the show:

Jr Breeder Award Winners

Beige Class

Rupert, our Grand Show Champion

MCBA West Coast Show, September 11, 2010 - Issaquah, WA

Judge: Jack Humphreys

This trip was made with Shahna of Ridge Chinchillas, Tabitha of RDZC Ranch and Sarah of Ralston Chinchilla Ranch and I had a great time!

I took a string of 10 animals to this show (3 beiges and 7 standards) and am very happy to say all of my animals took 1st place or better!

As this was my first MCBA show, I was not familiar with the classification system but it was a learning experience to say the least. There were around 180 entries and the show lasted from 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM!

My show results were as follows:

X-14 (Marina) - Bg F - Reserve Phase Champion

X-13 (Lola) - Bg F - Color Section Champion

X-3(Butterscotch) - Bg M - Color Phase Champion

Z-4 (Minnie) - Md Std F - 1A

Z-2 (Daisy) - Md Dk Std F - 1A

Z-1 (Pip) - Dk Std M - 1B

Z-3 (Kip) - Dk Med Std M - Color Phase Champion

X-8(Rupert) - X Dk M - Color Phase Champion

X-10 - Dk Std M - Section Champion

X-11 - X Dk Std M - 1st place

Lola, Color Phase Champion on the left

Our very packed car!

We hope to be able to bring a much larger show string in order to compete for the breeder award next year! This show experience was a lot of fun!

CA ECBC Spring Field Day 2010, April 10, 2010 - Frazier Park, CA

Judge: Gary Neubauer

I brought 12 chins (all beiges and standards). I had a few youngsters, a few 7-12 monthers and a few 1 1/2 year olds. These are the results for my chins:


X13 and X14, 4 month old beige females took 2nd places for size but Gary thought they have great potential with good clarity and stand-up fur so far.

X3, beige male, took Reserve Class Champion - shade of beige desired by pelt market, good even grotzen, strong fur


V16, 1st - bright usable male, breaking open around head and out of show shape

V17, male, took Reserve Class Champion - out of prime but good conformation, good fur, less bright than brother (V16)

V18 - 2nd place male - color acceptable, strong fur, out of show shape (brother of V16 and V17)

X8 - Reserve Grand Show Standard male - excellent heavily veiled extra dark male, excellent tightness of fur, has desirable sheen, show type animal

X9 - 3rd place female - dirty belly, needs more size - sister to X8, this goes to show how different two siblings in one litter can be! Her brother got the good qualities and she just didn't.

V22 - Class Champion male - extra dark, heavily veiled, large pelt-type animal

X11- 1st place male - very strong fur, nice young male with promise, needs more veiling in neck - watch how he grows out

X10 - 1st place male (brother to X11), good fur, could be brighter

V21 - 1st place male - good fur strength/density, could use more size

I also won the 1st place jr. breeder award!

A few pictures:

Standard males, V22, V17, and X10, who went on to win Cl;ass Champion, Reserve Class Champion, and 1st place, respectively

My 4 month beige girls, X13 and X14 who took 2nd places due to their age

X3, beige male who took Reserve Class Champion

We are very happy with how well we have been doing at the shows and the improvements we have made. Gary and Rod both commented that I show improvement at every show and always have some very nice animals!

CA ECBC State Show 2010, January 16-17, 2010 - Santa Nella, CA

Judge: Guillermo Holzer and trainee, Donna Read

Chinchilla Chateau is proud to announce that we won the 1st place Jr. Breeder Award and the 4th place Standard Breeder Award. We won our first trophies at this show and we couldn't be happier!

This show was a lot of fun for us. There was a lot of socializing and good discussions between the show. It was very enjoyable and I am so happy with the progress we have been making.

We showed 11 chinchillas at this show: one beige male and the rest were standards.

Our beige male (CCHT X-3) took a 1st place at 6 months and was praised for his texture and clarity.

Most of our standards took 2nds as many were not the ideal age for showing and were not in prime but we had one 1st place male.

We also came home with a beautiful homo beige female bred by Gary Neubauer. I saw her before the show and was drooling over her! Gary said she is the best homo beige he has ever produced and did not want to part with her. I inquired about her before the show started and he eventually agreed to sell her to me because of how well I have been doing. So I now have this gorgeous blocky girl who will hopefully give me some beautiful show-stopping beiges!

My new beautiful homo beige girl, Buttercup!

CA ECBC Spring Field Day '09, March 28, 2009 - Modesto, CA

Judge: Donna Read

I was hoping to have a full show string of 20 chinchillas but unfortunately, I just didn't have enough who were old enough. I had some fur slippage a week before the show and some urine spraying the day before as well. Many of the chins I decided to took I probably shouldn't have as they weren't in or anywhere near prime but I took them so our group would have the numbers for a larger show and to support the chapter... plus the show was located only 15 minutes away!

The most exciting part is this though:

We won the 1st place Junior Breeder Award!

Left to right: Sumiko De La Vega (Chinchilla Chateau), Danny Miller (Chinchilla Villa), Cara Beasley (Chinchillas QED), Tabitha Hong (RDZC Ranch), Ruth and Gary Harmer (Chiniverse Ranch)

Grooming was tough and I was really pressed for time getting everyone groomed before the show. It was a bit of a hectic show but with our new leadership stepping up, the following shows should flow much more smoothly. That's enough blabbing though; here are our show results:

V-1, beige male, DOB: 2/7/08: 3rd place - amazing how much being out of show shape can hurt a chin!

V-7, standard female, DOB: 7/18/2008: Reserve Class Champion

V-6, standard male, DOB: 7/18/2008: 1st place

V-8, beige female, DOB: 9/24/2008: 2nd place

V-9, beige female, DOB: 9/24/2008: 2nd place

V-10, beige male, DOB: 9/24/2008: 1st place

V-12, standard female, DOB: 9/28/2008: 3rd place

V-13, standard male, DOB: 9/28/2008: 2nd place

V-14, standard female, DOB: 9/28/2008: 2nd place

V-15, beige male, DOB: 9/29/2008: 1st place

V-16, standard male, DOB: 10/5/2008: 2nd place

V-17, standard male, DOB: 10/5/1008: 3rd place

V-18, standard male, DOB: 10/5/2008: 3rd place

V-19, standard female, DOB: 10/20/2008: 3rd place

V-20, standard female, DOB:10/20/2008: 3rd place

We're really looking forward to the next event, the West Coast Affair. This two-day seminar will have some excellent speakers and will be a great learning experience for all! If only the summer would pass by more quickly!

CA ECBC Fall Field Day '08, November 15, 2008 - Frazier Park, CA

Judges: Maxine Lynch, Donna Read

I brought six chins for this show. Most were youngsters but I figured we can always use the animals at the show. I took V-1 (beige male), V-3 and V-4 (standard males), V-5 (beige female) and V-6 and V-7 (standard male and female). The awards were as follows:

V-1, beige male, DOB:2/7/08: 1st place

V-3, standard male, DOB: 2/29/08: 1st place, Reserve Class Champion

V-4, standard male, DOB: 2/29/08: 1st place

V-5, beige female, DOB: 7/2/08: 1st place

V-6, standard male, DOB: 7/18/08: 3rd due to age/size

V-7, standard male, DOB: 7/18/08: 3rd due to age/size

With just those six animals, I received 34 points and the 4th place Junior Breeder Award.

Gary and Margot from Bowen's Chinchillas took the top awards but were impressed with the quality of the animals I had brought. They especially liked V-3 and insisted on taking a picture of me with him:

Me with V-3 after the show

The CC (Bowen) and RCC (my V-3)

My beige girl, V-5 in the third cage

Even though I didn't win the top awards, I'm very happy with how my animals did at this show and especially happy that I proved to be some competition for the Neubauer's. That's saying alot when you're a small hobby breeder with 9 breeding animals, going up against an experienced rancher with thousands. It's only with the help of them and other ranchers that I've been able to acheive this and I look forward to what I can learn and do in the future.

CA ECBC Spring Field Day '08, April 19, 2008 - Frazier Park, CA

Judges: Donna Read

Again, I only had one chin old enough to show (3 1/2 months!) but I am sure glad I brought him. Tyson, a beige male who was born here on Christmas Eve took Reserve Grand Show Champion at this field day! We will be showing him again at the fall field day once he is full grown - we certainly hope he turns out to be even nicer than what he is now! The judge's comments on him were that he was very good sized for his age and had excellent clarity. We will be reevaluating him once he is older and will probably be pairing him with a clear female (of course, clarity is most important!) who has better density and fur strength than him... and we only hope that he passes his genes to produce some nice animals in the next generation.

RGS Tyson at 3 1/2 months old!

CA ECBC State Show '08, January 19 - 20, 2008 - Santa Nella, CA

Judges: Pete and Sue Kisesky, Empress Sanctioned Judges

For this year's state show, I only had one chin old enough to show and he barely made the age limit! I was hoping I'd have some nice pure standards or beiges to show but everyone is either too young or is now in breeding. I decided to just take Timmy (T-2) to the show since I was being hassled about not bringing any animals! :-) He was 5 months and a light standard out of a standard x beige pairing. Unfortunately, he just could not stack up to the gorgeous dark standards from the big ranchers at this show and ended up with a 3rd place. I had a great time though and the quality of the animals brought to this state show was amazing - both the standard and mutation shows were a neck-and-neck race! Hopefully by next show season, I should have many more animals to show!

CA ECBC Fall Field Day '07, November 17- Santa Nella, CA

Judges: Gary Neubauer, Empress Sanctioned Judge; Trainee Donna Read

I was only planning on showing one chin for this show: Spaz (S2), a hetero beige female out of Pericles and Aurora. However, while I was loading her up in her cage the morning of the show, Orion, one of my standard breeders happened to be out of the runway and at the front of his cage. It was a spur of the moment decision but I decided to bring him along as well. Males tend to lose weight and look a bit rough when in breeding but everything is a bit more relaxed at a field day so I figured it wouldn't hurt to bring him.

Spaz snoozing in her show cage. The comments on her from the judges were nice strength and tighness of fur with a good veiling tip. Has good texture; "looks like a piece of velvet."

Spaz pushed up against the side of her cage.

The judges deciding on Grand Show. Spaz is in the third cage.

Orion on the holding table, confused about being whisked away from his cage early this morning.

Spaz ended up taking class champion for her beige class and was SO close to becoming the reserve grand champion. It came down to her and a homo ebony for reserve and the judges deliberated on it for a very long time. In the end though, the ebony was just in perfect show shape that day and Spaz wasn't quite there. Margot said had the show been a few weeks later, the results could have been the other way around. Either way, though, I am very proud of my Spazzy. Class champion is the best award I have received for a self-bred animal so far. I hope it only foreshadows what is to come!

I wasn't expecting too much of Orion since I hadn't prepped him too much for show but he ended up getting a second place. He'd slimmed down since April when I bought him from being in breeding and his fur was a bit mussed up from crawling through his jumpholes. Unfortunately, the judges had to knock him down a place for that. However, the judges said he had excellent veiling and a nice blue veiling tip. After the show Gary told me not to take any more animals out of breeding to show as they should be left to do their job. "Show the babies" he told me, "leave the breeders in breeding." This just goes to show that a really high quality animal can go on to take a lower placing just because he isn't in prime, in good show shape, or isn't groomed properly.

CA ECBC Spring Field Day '07, April 28 - Frazier Park, CA

Judges: Gene Adcock, Empress Sanctioned Judge; Ellis Adcock; Vin Somavia

This was the first show that I had animals of my own breeding to show and am so excited with how well we did. We had a string of 7 animals, winning four 2nd places, two 1st places, and reserve class champion!

Envy (EBG S85), my beautiful female from the Neubauers took reserve class champion. I was told by a few other ranchers after the show that they thought Envy should have beaten the class champion but every judge has their own preference. The comments by the judges on Envy were big, blocky, good female with "a lot of stuff goin' for it."

Yuna (NBW S5), a dark standard female from the Wells brought home a 1st place ribbon. The judges' comments were that she is an all-around good animal with good conformation and fur.

Sirius (EAO S13), a dark standard male bred by Dark Star took a 1st on the table as well. Rod commented that he was a "very nice animal" and that is what the judges thought as well. Gene said he was a nice animal with good fur density and veiling.

Winry (EBG S237) ended up with a 2nd place as she was very out of show shape as was evident in the openness over her hips. The judge also said she was down in color a tad, "not too shabby" but just can't compete with the 1st place animals. Gary explained how she was "down in color" and showed me under the lights; there was a slight off-tinge in her bar and because she does not have a long or dark veiling tip, it is more easily seen.

Squirt (CCHT S1), the beige boy, brought home a 2nd place at only 5 months old. He didn't quite have the size to stand up to the 1st place animals but the comments were that his fur quality is just as good as the other 1st places but has a screw tail which is a recessive trait that can be passed down to his offspring. The judges said they had to hold him in 2nd place because of the tail.

Spaz (CCHT S2), the beige girl, ended up with a 2nd place as well. The judges said that she had very pleasing fur with a nice tight texture. She was also held down for her tail although it isn't quite as screw-like as her brother's. We visited the Neubauers the day after the show and they think she is too good an animal to waste. With a tail trimming (which I had forgotten to do) her tail didn't even touch her fur! Gary said he would not be embarassed to show her if she was her animal and Margot was amazed with the texture of her fur. They both insisted that I bring her back to the fall field day for a re-evaluation.

Perseus (QS S262), my homo ebony, also won a 2nd place ribbon. He hasn't quite gained the size I was hoping and that was the judges' comment as well. The comments were that he would need a quick-growing large female if he was used for breeding but he does look younger than the date indicated but otherwise, nice fur texture and density.

Me grooming the beige girl, Spaz

With those placings, we ended up winning the 3rd place Jr. Breeder Award for those who have been breeding for less than 7 years. Being that this is only my first year, I'd have to say that's quite an accomplishment!

CA ECBC State Show '07, January 20-21- Santa Nella, CA

Judges: Dick and Mary Jo Bradford, Empress Sanctioned Judges

Judge Trainee: Joe Brown

For my first state show, I thought it went fairly well! We came home with two 1st places and registry in the Empress Quality Assurance Program, two 2nd places, and one 3rd.

Gizmo (in cage 596), my white mosaic girlie took another 1st place and was registered in the Empress Quality Assurance Program. The judges said that she had good size and fur with only a slight creaminess in one area.

Yuna, a standard female I had purchased from the Wells took a 1st place. Although the judges liked her conformation and fur density, they said she was out of prime and just couldn't stand up to the other 1st place animals for class champion. She was also registered in the Quality Assurance Program.

Pericles, my beige male, won a 2nd place. Although he was the grand show champion at the previous year's spring field day, he is 2 years old and a bit older than the rest of the show animals. The judges said that he was a little smaller than the other animals but for his age still had a pleasing blue to his fur which would make him an asset to any beige program. They said he also had good fur strength and texture.

Perseus, my homo ebony I purchased from Vin also took a 2nd place. The judges' comments were that he was a little small but he is also a younger animal and has room to grow. Good fur texture and density along with clarity of color were the qualities the judges did like about him.

CA ECBC Fall Field Day '06, November 24 - Santa Nella, CA

Judge: Gary Neubauer, Empress Sanctioned Judge

We didn't bring any chins to this show but didn't want to miss out on any of the happenings! I did come home with some animals, though! A 1st place standard female from the Wells, a hetero ebony female from Chinchilla Villa, a homo ebony from Vin Somavia, and a hetero ebony from Pam. As usual, I learned a ton and it was great to meet some new people and see those I had met previously again.

CA ECBC Spring Field Day '06, April 22 - Frazier Park, CA

Judge: Maxine Lynch, Empress Sanctioned Judge

This was my first show and - wow - what a learning experience it was! I just brought one chin to show, Gizmo, and she did very well, taking 1st place and ended up as color class champion! I appreciated Gary's commentary during the judging process; it was very informative to the newer members and breeders. I also ended up bringing home a gorgeous beige male from Gary who was the grand show champion. I had a wonderful time and think that this is a great kick-off to my interest in the show scene and breeding chinchillas.

Gizmo trying to eat her ribbons

The beautiful beige boy from the Neubauers! Hopefully this Grand Show Champion will produce some champions for us!