Update 7/11/19 - We are still breeding but not keeping this page updated at this time. You can check our Available Chinchillas page for currently-available chins. We are active on our FB page, Chinchilla Chateau and IG account, @chinchillachateau and you can also email us for availability. We have whites/mosaics, standard grays, beiges, and have pairings which can produce several other colors.

M-3 DOB: 8/6/21 - Pink White Female

M-2 DOB: 8/6/21 - Beige Female

M-1 DOB: 4/21/21 - Pink White Male

B-1 DOB: 1/2/12 - Standard Male

A-52: DOB: 12/9/11 - White Male

A-51: DOB 11/17/11 - White Female

A-50: DOB 11/11/11 - Lowe Recessive White Female

A-49: DOB 11/3/11 - White male

A-47 and A-48: DOB 11/2/11 - Black Velvet Female and Male

A-44, A-45, and A-46: DOB 10/8/11 - Standard Male, Beige Male, Standard Female

A-43: DOB 9/28/11 - Standard Female

A-42: DOB 9/15/11 - Standard Male

A-41: DOB 9/2/11 - Beige female

A-39 and A-40: DOB 8/25/11 - Mosaic and standard females

A-38: DOB 8/9/11 - Standard female

A-37: DOB 8/7/11 - Standard male

A-35 and A-36: DOB 7/31/11 - Standard female and beige male

A-33 and A-34: DOB 7/29/11 - White ebony female and standard male (deceased)

A-31 and A-32: DOB 7/25/11 - Beige males

A-30: DOB 7/15/11 - White ebony female

A-29: DOB 7/15/11 - Lowe Recessive White male

Oro, Lowe Recessive White male

A-28: DOB 7/14/11 - Standard Lowe Recessive White carrier female

A-27: DOB 7/13/11 - Standard male

A-26: DOB 7/13/11 - Standard male

A-24 and A-25: DOB 6/17/11 - Beige female and standard male

A-20 - A-23: DOB 5/27/11 - Two beige males and two stillborns

A-19: DOB 5/23/11 - Beige male

A-17 and A-18: DOB 5/21/11 - Standard male and female

A-16: DOB 5/6/11 - Standard female

A-15: DOB 5/3/11 - Beige male

A-13 and A-14: DOB 4/13/11 - Beige female, standard female

A-12: DOB 4/5/11 - Standard male

A-10 and A-11: DOB 3/24/11 - Standard female, white ebony male

A-8 and A-9: DOB 3/24/11 - Beige males

A-7: DOB 3/24/11 - Standard male

A-6: DOB 3/22/11 - Standard Lowe Recessive White Carrier male

A-4 and A-5: DOB 2/28/11 - Beige females

A-3: DOB 1/26/11 - Beige Female

A-1 and A-2: DOB 1/7/11 - Standard Female and male



Flopsy and Oreo are proud parents to a little standard (poss. e/c) male. This little boy likes to stay close to mom and doesn't venture too far without darting back to her side.



Trixie (Furball beige F) and Inca (Ritterspach extra dark ebony M) had a little dark ebony girl while I was away on a business trip. These pictures were actually taken on day 5 when I returned home. Momma is almost always hovering over her, keeping her warm and protecting her from the evil flash photography...


Z-31 and Z-32

We had two mosaic (possible eb-whites) born to Riah and Oreo today - a male and female weighing in at 52 and 47 g. They are quite dark and only the very tips of their tails are white. We will see how they lighten up or if they will show any ebony influence!



Marshmallow and Ronin had an adorable mosaic female today, weighing in at 55 g!



A beautiful beige female born to Winry and Bull!



Today Yuna had a single pure standard female, sired by her new mate, Rufio. I'm so happy to have a standard girl born here and can't wait to see how she grows out!



Risa and Ronin had a single standard male today. He is extremely fast and incredibly active - I've never seen a kit move with such speed! He's one athletic little baby!



Today, Spaz delivered her very first baby, a beige male who weighed in at 64 g. The little boy is very active and alert, and seems like a much older kit! The sire is Ronin, a Bowen standard female. Spaz has been in breeding for three years and we are thrilled that she has finally given us a kit!


Z-24 and Z-25

Our very first black velvet was born here today to Avi and Rufio. In the litter was a black velvet male and a standard gray female, weighing in at 54 and 51 g. We are so excited for this new arrival!


Z-22 and Z-23

Aurora gave birth to two pure standard little ones today - one boy and one girl. They are both very active and healthy!



Riah (pure standard) and Oreo (white ebony) delivered a single ebony female today. She is a big healthy girl who follows her momma around like a shadow!



Envy and Sirius gave birth to a single standard female today. We are happy to have a female as well as a single kit litter - I prefer small litters over the large ones! Pictures to come once she's dried off and fluffed up!


Z-18 and Z-19

Pure standard females born to Artemis and Sirius. The girls weighed in at 43 and 54 g. The smaller kit is unusually light in color with almost no veiling and on the thin side with a skinny tail but also appears to have some difficulties in her back legs. The picture above was taken shortly after birth so they aren't quite fluffed up yet!


Z-16 and Z-17

Standard male and female born to Winry and Bull! 51 and 52 g at birth. Very active little ones! They are both lighter phase standards and will be available for adoption once they are weaned. They are VERY adorable (and quite calm once you hold them in your hand)!


Z-5 - Z-15

Top left: Triplet litter from Flopsy - two standard males and one eb white male. Top right: Closeup of the eb-white male from Flopsy's litter. Bottom left: Standard triplets - two males, one female. Bottom right: one beige male and a standard male and female

We had three litters born today - one litter of triplets, and two litters of quads. Unfortunately, one kit from each quad litter did not survive but we have 9 healthy kits!



At 6:30 am, I went into the chin room to see one wet newborn kit under Artemis (above left). It's a girl weighing in at 53 g!

Dam: Artemis - Furball standard gray

Sire: Sirius - Dark Star standard gray


Z-1, Z-2 and Z-3

On Valentine's Day, Yuna gave birth to our first 2010 babies! She had a litter of three - two males and one female, weighing in at 50, 41, and 39 g. Their sire is loverboy, Sirius, who is a sweetie pie and a good papa, letting his kits nestle under him for warmth.

Dam: Yuna - Wells standard gray

Sire: Sirius - Dark Star standard gray



Aurora gave birth to a 52 g beige female! Pericles, the sire of the kit, passed away on 10/8/09 after his G.I. tract went suddenly into stasis. I feel like this girl is definitely a gift from my Peri-boy. This was a very special birth that I was not expecting and this girl will be staying here.

Dam: Aurora - Furball standard gray

Sire: Pericles - Bowen beige


X-12 and X-13

Risa and Ronin gave us their first litter - a standard male and a beige female born at 50 and 53 g!

Dam: Risa - self-bred beige

Sire: Ronin - Bowen standard gray


X-10 and X-11

Surprise! Envy gave birth to two males today at around 10:00 am! The little boys weighed in at 54 and 55g. These boys are so quick and energetic!

Dam: Envy - Bowen standard gray

Sire: Sirius - Dark Star standard gray


X-8 and X-9

Two little standards were born today - a male and a female weighing in at 45 and 49 g!

Dam: Yuna - Wells standard gray

Sire: Sirius - Dark Star standard gray


X-5, X-6, and X-7

Squirmy little standards - these newborns are super active and did not want to take a picture! Born today were two males at 45 and 48 g and a female at 44 g.

Dam: Calypso - Bowen standard gray

Sire: Pericles - Bowen beige


X-3 and X-4

A 48 g beige male and a 45 g standard female were born to Winry and Pericles.

Dam: Winry - Bowen standard gray

Sire: Pericles - Bowen beige



A beautiful standard female! X-2 weighed in at 54 grams.

Sire: Sirius - Dark Star standard gray

Dam: Envy - Bowen standard gray



Standard female weighing in at 56 grams!

Sire: Pericles - Bowen beige

Dam: Winry - Bowen standard gray



This little guy will probably be the last kit of 2008 - a standard male sired by Shoots male, Apollo, who is now living with Nan in Southern California.

Dam: Fleur - standard gray

Sire: Apollo - standard gray


V-19, V-20, and V-21

Two females and a male! Weights are 44, 43, and 48 g.

Dam: Artemis - standard gray

Sire: Sirius - standard gray


V-16, V-17, and V-18

Three boys! Birthweights: 43 g, 49g, and 45 g.

Dam: Rikku - standard gray

Sire: Apollo - standard gray



An adorable beige male weighing in at 58 grams!

Sire: Pericles - beige

Dam: Aurora - standard gray


V-12, V-13, and V-14

Two females and a male! Weights: V-12 (female) is 39 g, V-13 (male) is 45 g and V-14 (female) is 38 g.

Sire: Sirius - standard gray

Dam: Yuna - standard gray


V-8, V-9, V-10, and V-11

From top left to right: V8 - beige female (40 g), V9 - beige female (45 g), V11 - standard female (42 g), and V10 - beige male (45 g)

Sire: Pericles - beige

Dam: Calypso - standard gray

I've been anticipating this litter for some time now as Calypso gained a LOT of weight this time around and looked ready to deliver long before today. Now I know why she gained so much - she was carrying quadruplets - and all nice healthy weights!

I did witness some kit squabbling already so it is likely that I will be rotating kits so they can all get their fill. Fingers crossed that there will be no problems and all four babies will thrive!


V-6 and V-7

Standard male V-6 (55 grams) and standard female V-7 (44 grams)

Sire: Sirius - standard gray

Dam: Envy - standard gray

I had been anticipating this litter for over a month. Envy went from an average of 900 grams to 1150 and I knew she must have been feeling miserable. Her newest sleeping position became on her back with all fours in the air!

Envy delivered the kits sometime this afternoon: one standard male (V6) weighing in at 55 grams and a standard female (V7) weighing in at 44 grams. This was Envy's first litter and I think she may have had difficulty delivering the little male as he is missing his front right leg. It appears to have been chewed off. He is very active though and staying close to mom so I have high hopes that he will do just fine.



Cute lil' beige female, V-5 (47 g)

Sire: Pericles - beige

Dam: Winry - standard gray

Today Winry gave birth to a single beige female weighing in at 47 grams. I actually wasn't expecting to see a kit in her cage quite yet as I had only recently noticed a small weight gain in Winry. However, I couldn't be happier as the kit is active and healthy, beige, AND female!

More pictures of V-5 can be found in the V-year Baby Photo Album!


V-2, V-3, and V-4

Leap day standard triplets: V-2 (43 g female), V-3 (47 g male) and V-4 (40 g male)

Sire: Sirius - standard gray

Dam: Yuna - standard gray

I'm glad I called in late for work today as I had a feeling Yuna was going to litter and sure enough, she did! This was the first birth I had been priveleged to witness and I'm glad I was there. The first kit was breech and Yuna had some difficulty pulling the baby out, injuring the tail and front paw of the kit. After the kit was out, it was not breathing and Yuna licked it a bit but then left it alone and began delivering the second kit. I took this as a cue to do what I could so I removed the baby from the cage and performed a few swings to force any fluid and mucus out from the nose and the kit filling began gasping. I then began rubbing and stimulating the kit's body to dry her off, warm her up, and get her moving. I cleaned up her mouth and nose and she was soon able to breathe normally... then I gave her back to Yuna and Yuna allowed her to sit right under her and stay warm. The second kit was delivered very quickly and he was very active from the moment he was delivered! I didn't get to witness the last birth but after returning home from work, I saw that she had given birth to one more - a bit smaller than the siblings - but seems to be active and healthy like the rest. Fingers are crossed that they'll all make it!

3/2/08 - I'm sad to report that the little girl didn't make it. The kits had been squabbling quite a bit for milk and the female had numerous bite wounds from her siblings on her body. I rotated the males in and out with my other nursing female, Aurora, so the little girl would have a better chance at competing for Yuna's milk but unfortunately, she lost her will fast. I guess it just wasn't meant to be; perhaps Yuna knew it from the moment she was delivered.

View more pictures of these babies in the V-baby photo album



First kit of the year, V1, a beige male who weighed in at 63 g

Sire: Pericles - beige

Dam: Aurora - standard gray

View more pictures of V-1 on the V-baby photo album



T-4, beige male weighing in at 55 grams

Sire: Pericles - beige

Dam: Calypso - standard gray

View more pictures of T-4 on the "T baby" picture page!


T-1 and T-2

T-1 and T-2, standard males, both weighing in at 59 g

Sire: Pericles - beige

Dam: Aurora - standard gray

To view more pictures of these babies, view the T1 and T2 Picture Page!


S-1 and S-2

S-1 - Beige male, 68 grams S-2 - Beige female, 38 grams

Sire: Pericles - beige

Dam: Aurora - standard gray

To view pictures of these two beige babies as they grow, visit their Picture Page!

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