chin resources

The following are additional sites I have found helpful in providing valid chin care. breeding information, and chinchilla supplies and accessories!

Forums and Information

Chins 'n Hedgies - a forum for chin owners and breeders with a wealth of information

Chin Cross Calculator - an applet using Punnet Squares to show probability of projected kit colors when breeding mutations

Let's Love Chinchillas - a website all about caring for your pet chinchilla

Chinchilla Organizations

United States

Empress Chinchilla Breeders Cooperative (ECBC) - organization supporting chinchilla breeders, sponsoring shows, and educating breeders in evaluation and providing networking opportunities

Mutation Chinchilla Breeders Association (MCBA) - International organization promoting high standards of quality in mutation colors, educating members in animal health care and also sponsoring shows


National Chinchilla Society - Organization which encourages and promotes the keeping, breeding, and showing of quality chinchillas in the United Kingdom

Chinchilla Accessories and Supplies

Quality Cage Company - manufacturers of chin-safe exercise wheels, cages, and supplies

Miller's Creature Comforts - Maker of custom cages, toys, and accessories, including replacement cage pans

Bass Equipment - Manufacturer of cages supplies - great for replacement cage pans

My Critter Store - A wide variety of chin accessories, treats, and more!

Fuzzies Kingdom - Excellent high quality herbal treats, supplements, and accessories

Ranchers and Breeders

RDZC Ranch - Washington State

KISS Chinchillas (K & S Ranch) - Northern California

Carolina Chinchilla Ranch (Tiffany's Chinchillas - North Carolina

Sunshine Chinchillas - Florida


CA Chins - California Chinchilla Rescue based in the Bay Area, California

CALFID - Animal rescue located in Northern CA that also takes in chinchillas for rehoming

NOLA Chinchilla Rescue - Chinchilla rescue in New Orleans, Louisiana

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