Available Animals

**Updated September 17, 2021**


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to place any animal on hold. Deposits can be placed at 4 weeks of age.

WE CAN DELIVER to the Bay Area, Sacramento, or Fresno area for a delivery fee most weekends. Unfortunately, at this time, I have stopped doing deliveries to Southern CA and am no longer shipping as well.

M-2 & M-3 ("Muffin" & "Macaron")

Hetero Beige & Pink White Females (beige x white mosaic cross)

DOB: 8/6/2021

$400 and $450

These adorable sisters were born to Flurry, a beautiful mosaic female from KISS Chinchillas (Formerly Ridge Chinchillas) and our big blocky homozygous beige male, Biscuit. Muffin is a hetero beige and Macaron is a pink white who continues to lighten up as she matures. These sisters are growing out nicely and would make wonderful pets or could be grown out for 2022 shows! These girls can go to separate homes or you can save the time and effort of introducing a second chinchilla by taking both sisters home together (we all know chins are like potato chips - it's hard to stop at one!). I will discount 10% if bringing them both home. They will be ready to go the first weekend of October.

M-1 ("Marzipan")

Pink White Male (beige x white mosaic cross)

DOB: 4/21/2021

$450 SOLD

Born to Mochi, a lovely white mosaic female from the original Hendryx herd from Ohio and sired by our gorgeous blocky homozygous beige male, Biscuit. As a single kit in this litter, he is growing like a weed and loving the undivided attention that doesn't need to be divided amongst siblings.

L-2, L-3, and L-4

DOB: 1/3/2020

L-2 (White mosaic female) - SOLD

L-3 (Standard gray female) - SOLD

L-4 (Standard gray female - SOLD!

Chillie - RESCUE


3 yr old standard gray male - Chillie was surrendered to us as his owner had developed some health issues that would be making it difficult for her to continue caring for him. He is a sweet energetic boy and is looking for a home where he will be loved.

Kit Color Examples

Medium (hetero) ebony

Standard gray

Hetero beige

White mosaic

Note: White kits are normally born mostly gray with only white on their tails and lightening in color as they mature. Markings often change on whites and when purchasing one as a kit, one never knows how it will look as an adult!

General Chin Pricing (pricing is based on quality):

Standard grays - $200

Hetero beige - $400

Homo beige - $425

Black velvets - $400

White mosaics - $450

Ebonies, dependent on color phase $250-500

Hybrid colors (pink white, TOV pink white, etc.) - $450+

Violets, sapphires - $425+

Lowe Recessive Whites - $500+

We also often have rescue chinchillas available for a $50-75 adoption fee to experienced homes. These chins generally come from neglectful homes or are in need of vet care when they are surrendered to us. We rehabilitate and socialize these chinchillas and place them in homes we feel would be the best fit for them. Rescue chinchillas available for adoption can be viewed here: Rescues for Adoption

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to place any chinchilla on hold. More pictures and information can be provided upon request. If you are interested in any of these chins, please review our Policies and contact us at chinchillachateau@gmail.com.