about us

Chinchilla Chateau is managed by Sumiko De La Vega, a graduate of University of the Pacific with a Bachelors degree in biological sciences. Sumiko first gained hands-on animal husbandry and handling experience with show livestock through FFA in high school and through the animal science program at Cornell University. But interests became focused on the chinchilla with the purchase of her first chin, a female mosaic named Gizmo. After attending her first chinchilla show for fun (and seeing her beloved Gizmo take Class Champion!), she soon had aspirations of acquiring and breeding high quality show chins like the seasoned breeders. Since that first show in 2006, she has also become very active in the breeder organization, Empress Chinchilla Breeders Cooperative (ECBC). Sumiko served as the CA ECBC President from 2011-2013, VP from 2016-2017 and is currently serving as a Director. She also served on the National ECBC Board of directors, representing Region I from 2011 - 2014 and serving as 2nd Vice President.

Chinchilla Chateau's breeding goal is to improve the species and will only breed those which show the characteristics and promise of a healthy quality animal. All potential breeding animals are shown or evaluated and care is used when selecting breeding pairs to ensure that the pair compliments each other and has the potential to produce quality offspring. With help from experienced breeders and ranchers as mentors, Chinchilla Chateau has a small breeding herd of quality animals which consists mostly of Bowen, La Paloma, Dark Star, and Shoots lines. Chinchilla Chateau's main focus is on top quality standards, beiges, and whites, as well as the development of the Lowe recessive white. All babies are held often to improve social interaction to make them great pets as well - who can resist playing with such adorable animals?

Chinchilla Chateau will also take in rescues and owner surrenders. Surrendered and rescued chins are NOT to be bred and prospective owners will be chosen carefully to ensure each chin will have a happy forever home.