We're not cuddling... really! Boys do not cuddle!

Gizmo, our white mosaic female, and her multi-level cage

The ebs, Perseus and Navi!

Rayna, one of our pet-only chins. Rayna has shown marked dental improvement and appetite increase since her teeth filing back in January '07. We are happy she is able to chew normally once again!

Reepicheep, the little BV boy, hiding in his tropical hideout which has been chewed down to the frame :-)

Gizmo on her swing-turned-hanging shelf. A bit scared of the unsteadiness of the hanging swing, we pulled the chain taut and she prefers this wooden platform's new steady form.

A just-dusted Squirt sampling the artificial Bonsai tree

Reepicheep just loves chinnie-scratches, even in the dust bath!

"I'm actually very clean..."

Envy with her Christmas box filled with chew toy goodies (Christmas '06). She certainly seemed to appreciate her gift - it didn't last much more than a day!

Beige babies, Squirt and Spaz, with their "wrapped" Christmas presents

The infamous hamster see-saw picture - S1 and S2, the first kits born to Chinchilla Chateau

Gizzy being groomed for the '07 CA State Show

Calypso peering out of the breeding run

Baby Squirt in a hammock with his pink fleece snuggle buddy right after weaning... he didn't seem to mind the feminine color!

The equivalent of a treadmill - the chinnie exercise wheel

My pretty boy, Pericles, sitting proud in his show cage