Sales Policies

My priority is for my chins to find caring homes where they will receive the care they deserve. I ask that prospective adopters fill out a questionnaire or email me so I can get an idea of their knowledge and dedication to the care of a chin. We are often able to deliver within a few hours from Manteca and to events we will be attending. We are not shipping at this time.

I require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of 50% of the chinchilla's price paid in cash, Venmo or via Paypal in order to place a chinchilla on hold for up to two weeks. The remainder of the chinchilla's price must be paid prior to a delivery or upon pickup. After placing a deposit, animals must be picked up within 2 weeks of payment unless prior arrangements are made. Deposits placed on unweaned kits will hold them for two weeks after weaning. If arrangements for pick-up are not made or any applicable delivery fees are not paid by two weeks past the date of deposit (or availability date in a kit), the deposit is forfeited and the chinchilla will be re-listed for sale.

All chins bred here have a fifteen (15) day health guarantee for illness or defects and we guarantee they are healthy when they leave Chinchilla Chateau. Although we only breed healthy animals from lines free from genetic disorders, in the event your new chinchilla becomes ill or dies within the first fifteen (15) days, we offer a replacement animal as long as the animal is examined or necropsy is performed by a licensed veterinarian and a health certificate is signed by the veterinarian stating that the illness/death was caused by a genetic fault or negligence of Chinchilla Chateau and not due to improper care by the owner. The health certificate or statement of death must be presented before or at the time the animal is returned. If you are a current chin owner, chins brought home must be quarantined for the entire 15 days (although we recommend a total 30 day quarantine) otherwise, the health guarantee is null and void. Replacements will not be offered due to injury or improper/unsafe environment or diet provided by the new owner. Transporting your chin home in anything other than a small pet carrier voids our heath guarantee.

Chins which were rescued or surrendered are adopted out as pet-only and are not to be bred. Many of these chins have had stressful lives to begin with, no background information or health histories, and it is my intention to make sure they find homes where they can leisurely live out their lives. Any chins being sold without pedigrees are also to be considered pet quality and NOT to be bred. After completing the chin questionnaire, an adoption contract will also be filled out upon pickup of the animal for the adoption to be complete.

We accept owner surrenders when we have the extra cage space for quarantine. Surrendering a chinchilla to us transfers ownership to Chinchilla Chateau and after a quarantine period and clean bill of health, we will find the chinchilla an appropriate home. We will always accept back owner surrenders of chinchillas that originally came from us.

All chins come with a bag of their current pellets to make the transition to a new diet less stressful. Pedigrees will be provided upon request to breeders registered with ECBC or MCBA as well as any show awards/ribbons the chin has previously won.

We reserve the right to cancel a sale up until the chin has been picked up or delivered. We do not offer refunds after a chinchilla has been sold. Please choose your new pet carefully. We will offer replacement animals, at the discretion of Chinchilla Chateau, up to 15 days after the sale in the case a veterinarian determines the chin was ill or died due to fault of Chinchilla Chateau.

Paypal payments should be made to chinchillachateau@gmail.com or by clicking this link: Make PayPal payment. Please specify which animal you are making payment for in the message.

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