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Serving to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ
with troubled and incarcerated youth through intervention, prevention and continuity of care 


Orange County Juvenile Justice Complex
Orange, California
 Website Last Updated January 23, 2020

As a Full-time Missionary
I raise my own financial support for 
ministry and living expenses

I Am More… by Chaplain Sheri

I am more than the crime I commit

I am a daughter, sister, mother, and friend

I have hopes, dreams, and aspirations 

I have experienced troubles and temptations

I have been abused, addicted, and abandoned 

I have hurt and sorrow buried 
so deep that only God sees

I want to break free, I want to run, 
to dance, to laugh

I want what every young girl wants

I want to know I am loved 
and accepted for who I am 

I live in your community perhaps on your street

I am more than the crime I commit

Will you reach out to me?

Do You want to Start a Correctional 
Ministry to Juveniles?

"Freedom in Christ" Youth Newsletter

My Life in a Box

You know how I just realized my life ain’t the same, 

spending time (at OC JH) with my other friends, 

giving our parents enough trouble to keep us away. 

This is how I kept myself away from all the pain. 

Just as I was on my way to be a Christian 

all the way, the devil took me away...

J.S. (Youth Leadership Academy)