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Welcome at the official, essential site of CVLat, attempted to provide all that you want to know about CăvashLat, Chuvash Latin Script: its history, structure, influence, changes. You can satisfy your further interest by asking questiona at our forum page.

What Is CăVashLat?

The Formula is basic:

CăVashLat = căvash + lattin

Here's what it means and equals to: Căvash is the name for our nation and its diverse language, Lattin is Chuvash spelling of Latin stands for Latin script. Besides Chuvash verb căvashlat simply means "to chuvashify", "to make smth Chuvash", "to let smth become Chuvash". Hence CăvashLat is a magic name of the Chuvash Latin Script. It is an orgiginal spell, a talisman of the Chuvash language.

CăvashLat emerged in the new century in the chuvash internet community Chuvash.org. The interest of incorporating Chuvash Language and Latin Script on the brinks of centuries worked well with the growing influence of globalization, IT development, flagged by Latin Script in part and provided through the English language. Besides political and social issues associated with the collapse of the USSR played part, as the west met and discovered the cultures of Russia unknown before.

The idea of cultural Renaissance of the Chuvash and resistance to assimilation by the Russian was stronlgy supported in 90s, which led to discussions whether or not should the Chuvash officially use latin script as opposed to the old Cyrillic. The same question arose in neighbouring Tatarstan, where Latin script for Tatar was legalized. Chuvashia has never gone that far. And the position of Latin script among the Chuvash is rather weak. Nevertheless, when Chuvash internet community started its existence the idea of a Latin Script for the Chuvash Language met many followers and so was CăvashLat created.

CăvashLat is exclusively intended to contribute to preservation and development of the Chuvash Language, making it more open to the globe. It is opposed to further destruction brought by Russian nationalism and chauvinism which grew extremely powerful while ex-KGB President Putin.

    • Chuvash Latin Script in a Turkish edition of Paasonen dictionary

The history of Chuvash Latin Script began a couple of centuries ago, when foreign linguists put down Chuvash words in their scripts. Dictionaries emerged in the beginning of the 20th century in Latin Script. An American Chuvash Manual developed an original Chuvash Latin Script. Ofiicial latinization of the Chuvash language was dicussed in the 90s.

Among dozens of Chuvash Latin scripts only few were proposed by native-speakers. None were widely used or repeated, creating more and more variants. It naturally caused the idea of a unified Chuvash Latin Script. And this made us create CăvashLat, which is unlike other variants is proposed by native-speakers, mostly living out of Chuvashia.

CăvashLat is getting widespread being an attribute of newer Chuvash web-sites. It is developed in two principal ways. On one hand it has a principal alfabet, which consists of standard Latin letters and the special symbols Ă Ĕ Ş Ü. On the other hand some other ways are being sought to avoid special symbols - Kĕşĕn-CVLat (mini-CVL).

More detailed information will be provided on this site. If you wish to contribute your ideas you are always welcome!