The fee for your piano lesson will depend the length of the lesson time required. Below are recommended times and applicable fees.

Beginner to Grade 3 standard: 30 minutes:  £25.00

Grades 4-6 standard: 45 minutes:  £35.00

Grade 7-8 standard, 60 minutes: £45.00

Diplomas and post-Grade 8 work: 60 minutes: £45.00

Book your consultation lesson to meet Caroline and try out her piano and style of teaching, with no obligation to continue.

Please note: the listed lesson times are the minimum times for the standards listed. If you choose a longer lesson time, more work can be covered this way and if working towards an exam or qualification, it will be reached sooner. However, complete beginners are advised to choose 30 minute lessons only. 

If working towards an exam, Grades 4 and above cannot be taught in less than 45 minutes, simply because the work involved needs at least this amount of lesson time.

Music Theory lessons are available only to students already enrolled as piano students and are taught in either 30 or 45 minute lessons, with fees applicable to these times as above.

You may book up to two consultation lessons, after which you will need to decide whether or not you would like to continue with lessons and be enrolled at the piano school. This involves agreeing in writing to a set of terms and conditions, which are listed here